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Video Archive 2013-2014 Season
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Please enjoy the videos from some of our previous programs. The library is updated regularly with new content from the Virginia Bioscience Commercialization Luncheon series, and other programs, so be sure and check back often. A new series begins each September. This page contains videos from the 2013-2014 Season. You will find the videos from previous seasons on their respective pages.


May 2014



From the inception of Terry McAuliffe's gubernatorial campaign at the Virginia BioTechnology Research Park in Richmond in May 2013, the Governor made it clear that job creation and economic growth through advancing diversified hi tech and innovative sectors would be a priority of his administration, and biotechnology was featured prominently among them. Secretary Maurice Jones, the Governor's nominee who was recently confirmed by the House of Delegates to head the Department of Commerce and Trade, will meet members of the bioscience community, share the Administration's views and plans under formulation, exchange ideas and views on how the state can help to advance bioscience commercialization in Virginia.


April 2014

The bioscience industry in Virginia is famously dispersed. One of the top requests we receive at Virginia Bio is to help members, newcomers, and federal and state policy makers understand who is doing what and where, and assess its significance.

Jeff Gallagher, Virginia Bio CEO, travels the state and is in contact with members and nonmembers continuously. From this unique position he’s developed a "fly-over” briefing that typically amazes the listener with the breadth, depth and variety Virginia offers. The fly-over gives up to date description of the well-known pillars, identifies some best kept secrets, and shines a light on all corners of the Commonwealth – Tidewater, Greater Richmond, Charlottesville, multimodal Northern Virginia, the I-81 Corridor, Southwest and Southern Virginia.

At the luncheon Virginia Bio also will unveil a newly-created interactive map of the bioscience businesses and research institutions in the Commonwealth. The map has been months in the making and will live on the Virginia Bio website. It’s a great new tool to pinpoint, describe and provide easy links to our companies and research institutions, and to illustrate to the world the strength of the industry in Virginia.


March 2014



HemoShear, LLC , launched its business in 2009 with technology discovered by UVA professors Brett Blackman and Brian Warmhoff. HemoShear works in strategic partnerships with pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies to help them understand human biology, validate meaningful drug targets, and profile and select those drug candidates that are far more likely to complete human trials successfully.

The Company is growing rapidly in Charlottesville as it moves into greatly expanded lab and office space at the former Martha Jefferson Hospital. What few Virginians know, however, is that the Company’s breakthrough science and innovative vision are poised to transform global drug discovery and development, leading to safer and more effective therapies, reduced costs and vastly improved probability of success of new drug candidates.

Hemoshear’s science combines principles of physiological blood flow and primary human cells to accurately replicate human organ and disease biology on the bench, enabling the study of drugs at human concentrations. Their publications and proof-of-concept studies demonstrate that HemoShear’s "human-relevant” systems are far more predictive of human responses than traditional cell culture and animal testing. Hemoshear also is developing a comprehensive Human Response Database from its studies to yield insights never before available to the scientific community using cutting-edge bioinformatics and computational methods.

HemoShear has received funding from four separate divisions of the National Institutes of Health, including the largest ever Phase II Small Business Innovation Research award from the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute. When HemoShear recently received an SBIR award from the National Cancer Institute - to develop a human cell-based system that would replicate the biology of lung and pancreatic tumors, Dr. Warmhoff explained, "Imagine a human tumor on the laboratory bench that responds to new therapies as if it were in the human body. That is what our science is capable of achieving.”

HemoShear is currently partnering with several major pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies on important drug discovery and safety programs.

Speakers: Jim Powers, Chairman & CEO, Brian Wamhoff, Ph.D., Co-founder and Vice President of Research & Development, and Nikki Hastings, Ph.D, President of Operations

February 2014


Every January thousands of leaders of bioscience companies and investors flock to San Francisco to meet with one another at and around the JP Morgan Health Care Conference to catch up and do deals. Dozens of Virginia Bio member companies, Virginia organizations and investors are slated to attend this year. We will ask several companies and investors who have returned from San Francisco to provide their views on the availability and direction of investment in the bioscience industry today.

Speakers: Alex Euler, Investment Director, Center for Innovative Technolgy (CIT) GAP Funds, Mike Innes, Managing Director, Healthcare and Investment Banking, Cary Street Partners, Richmond, VA; Paul Rocheleau, Executive Chairman, Cupron, Richmond, VA


January 2014



Once upon a time the unique and critical hurdle for bioscience commercialization was FDA approval. With recent changes in law and health economics, add another to the list: reimbursement. Some observers say the number one barrier to obtaining financing is: how exactly are you going to get paid for your new product or service? Strong science, brilliant engineering, safety and efficacy no longer suffice to get through the changing reimbursement landscape. Panelists will provide an overview of the payers and the process for presenting the value proposition, comparative effectiveness and quality metrics that lead to reimbursement, note the the implications of the reimbursement issue for every stage of product development - from screening lead candidates, to market studies to clinical trial design,and discuss ways emerging and small companies can access the expertise and develop the evidence they need in a timely and cost effective manner.

Speakers: Neil Hughes, Chief Commercial Officer, kaleo (formerly Intelliject, Inc.), Richmond, VA; Harry Schiavi, President and CEO, Insight Strategy Advisors, New York, NY; Jerry Stringham, President, Medical Technology Partners, Rockville, MD.


December 2013



Transformative technologies including biosensors and wireless, dramatic changes in reimbursement, and an evolving understanding of patient care are sparking a rethinking of hospital and clinical tools and space. This panel will feature experts from different disciplines from across the Commonwealth who are thinking broadly and looking ahead to re-imagine and to realize the hospital room of the future.

Speakers: Bob Bailey, Executive Director, Center for Advanced Engineering and Research (CAER), Lynchburg, Va and Director, Hospital Room of the Future Consortium; Bob Armstrong, Director Research and Business Development, National Center for Collaboration in Medical Modeling and Simulation, Eastern Virginia Medical School, Norfolk VA.; Taeyoung Yang, Ph.D. Research Scientist, Wireless @Virginia Tech.


November 2013



Bioscience company CEOs are always enlightening and entertaining. This month we will talk with the CEOs of three young companies which are new faces to the Virginia Biosciences Commercialization series. We will ask these CEOs to share important learnings they have taken from others during their career, and to identify successes and mistakes in their own experience that could benefit others.

Speakers: Carl Sahi, Co-founder and President, Engineered Biopharmaceuticals, Danville, VA; Donna Edmonds, CEO and President, Virginia Biosciences Commercialization Center, Richmond, VA; and Jeff Pompeo, President and CEO, PocketSonics, Charlottesville, VA.


October 2013



Health Diagnostic Laboratory, Inc. ("HDL, Inc.”) in under five years has grown from a few founders to more than 700 employees and two six-story laboratory facilities in the Virginia BioTechnology Research Park in Richmond. HDL, Inc. provides the most comprehensive laboratory test menu of biomarkers and risk factors available, enabling patients and their doctors to practice proactive health and medicine. HDL, Inc. is reinventing the blood lab industry, and making major contributions to patient outcomes across the country and world, particularly in cardiovascular and related disease and diabetes. As HDL’s experience, capabilities and resources have grown, its passion for innovation and for making a difference in personal health management around the world is leading it to explore new and additional technologies and unmet needs, through in licensing, joint ventures and other collaborative models. In this panel, business and science leaders from HDL will describe recent collaborations, and identify directions, goals and needs of the company going forward with an emphasis on areas of potential collaboration.

Speakers: Dr. Szilard Voros, Chief Clinical Strategy Officer- HDL, Inc.; Mark Herzog, SVP, Corporate and Governmental Affairs- HDL, Inc.; and Brad Brown, VP, Clinical Affairs- Global Genomics Group


September 2013



In September 2013 new SEC rules wentinto effect ending the 80 year old ban on general solicitation and advertising in private offerings under Rule 506 of Regulation D. An expert panel will review SEC rules governing private offerings, highlight the recent rule change and focus on the opportunities and compliance challenges, and discuss implications of this change and others on the horizon for bioscience companies seeking private capital.

Panelists: Christian Plaza, Partner, Cooley LLP, Reston, VA.; Deborah Donnelly, Senior Development Officer for Research and Innovation, University of Virginia; and Mat Delorso, Founder and CEO, Fundroom, Richmond, VA.

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