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Venebio Launches Venebio Opioid Advisor 2.0

Monday, November 26, 2018  
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Venebio Group, a leader in personalized risk prediction algorithms, today announced the launch of Venebio Opioid Advisor 2.0 (VOA 2.0), the next iteration of its risk-screening tool for prescription opioid overdose.

A suite of new and enhanced features in VOA 2.0 offers administrators and clinicians more customization in how they manage and treat patients taking prescription opioids. These new features include:

• Updated opioid knowledge base: VOA 2.0 includes access to the most comprehensive set of evidence-based guidelines and references for risk factor-specific opioid overdose risk management.

• Custom provider/prescriber portals: The updated platform allows payers and health systems to easily create and manage user accounts for individual prescribers and groups to track and manage their opioid patients via interactive dashboards.

• Enhanced patient risk reports: VOA 2.0 produces a detailed patient risk report for the provider/prescriber with historical morphine milligram equivalents (MME) data and recommended interventions to consider.

• Patient education materials: VOA 2.0 provides a detailed patient-specific handout outlining key safety considerations pertaining to a patient’s unique risk factors which may, among other things, help patients initiate informed conversations with their providers.

• Enhanced patient search and filtering: VOA users can now search for patients by name, as well as by numerous patient-specific utilization and profile attributes, such as specific risk factors and utilization measures like the number of pharmacies and doctors a patient has visited for an opioid prescription.

• Manual risk calculator: Users can conduct “what if” scenarios (such as removing or adding medications) to determine a patient’s post-treatment modification risk score.

“Since its launch last year, VOA has shown to be one of the most efficacious and efficient tools available to help identify those patients most vulnerable to a prescription opioid overdose,” said Lenn Murrelle, Ph.D., MSPH, CEO of Venebio. “VOA 2.0 enhances the platform’s life-saving potential by giving users easier access to their patients’ risk profiles and tailored information to help devise the most effective, safest intervention strategy.”

Venebio Opioid Advisor is the only validated tool able to predict the likelihood of a life-threatening overdose from a prescription opioid with 90-percent accuracy. It has been implemented by health care organizations to screen for patients at risk of experiencing a prescription opioid overdose, including Amida Care, CentraCare, Virginia Premier Health Plan and PrescribeWellness. All legacy VOA platforms are being converted to the VOA 2.0 system.

VOA uses a proprietary algorithm to develop a personalized risk profile based on multiple demographic and clinical variables associated with prescription opioid overdose. It is the only validated clinical decision support tool that quantifies a patient’s likelihood of experiencing a life-threatening overdose from a prescription opioid, determines a personalized risk factor profile for each patient and provides clinicians with individualized guidance regarding interventions to reduce the patient's risk of overdose.

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