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Tyton BioEnergy Systems Unveils Tobacco Extractor

Friday, September 11, 2015  
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Tyton BioEnergy Systems unveiled its patent-protected pilot-scale extractor located in the company’s Danville, VA, headquarters, marking a significant milestone in the company’s path to commercializing its tobacco-based green chemicals and agricultural products.

Tyton’s unique energy tobacco technology combines advancements in plant sciences, agronomics, and processing to produce cost-competitive sugars, oils, proteins and other green chemicals that can compete with the economics of oil. One acre of Tyton’s patented non-smoking tobacco outperforms corn, soy and other cellulosic feedstocks.

Tyton’s prototype extractor converts green energy tobacco leaves and stalks into products for the green chemical, biofuel and agricultural industries. The thermal conversion technology harnesses tobacco’s natural properties in a low-energy extraction process that is fast, clean and economical. No harsh chemicals or expensive enzymes are utilized. 100% of the plant is converted into saleable co-products, producing zero waste.

The Tyton extractor is a versatile platform technology that can be tailored to isolate a range of polymers, from basic sugars and oils to complex chemicals. Tyton is working with partner companies to apply its technology in new and creative ways, including direct production of high-value chemicals in tobacco and extraction through Tyton’s patented process.

Tyton President and Co-Founder Peter Majeranowski said, “Tyton has re-imagined tobacco’s place in the world and charted a new, exciting course for the production of green chemicals and agriculture products. We can give farmers new opportunities to earn higher profits, while protecting the planet and advancing America’s interests. Our prototype extractor is an important component of Tyton’s expanding technology portfolio and brings us closer to commercialization.”

Virginia Secretary of Agriculture and Forestry Todd Haymore and other state and local officials attended the launch ceremony.

Secretary Haymore said, “As one pillar of the New Virginia Economy Bioscience Initiative, Governor McAuliffe is working to build on the existing strengths of the agriculture industry in the state by tapping into agriculture and industrial bio commercialization opportunities with the Virginia Ag Bio Initiative. Tyton BioEnergy Systems is taking advantage of this opportunity utilizing one of the most historic economic drivers in Virginia, the tobacco industry. Using its cutting-edge extractor, Tyton is creating new revenue opportunities for hardworking tobacco farmers in Virginia and beyond. Today’s announcement reflects the opportunity for the growing, diverse agricultural biotechnology industry in Virginia. Using biotechnology and building on Virginia’s existing agricultural assets, including our research institutions and companies, we can spur growth in our economy and create new opportunities for agriculture to continue to thrive.”

Corrie Teague, assistant director of the Danville Office of Economic Development, added, “We are proud to have Tyton BioEnergy Systems and its world-class technology at the Dan River Business Development Center – a facility jointly owned by the City of Danville and Pittsylvania County. For centuries, this region has relied heavily on tobacco as a cash crop. Tyton’s leadership in re-purposing tobacco for green chemicals and agricultural products will bring jobs, economic activity, and success to our community for years to come.”

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