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VABIO E-News April 15, 2015
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VABIO E-News: April 15, 2015 Edition

Focus Around Virginia 
A Word from CEO Jeff Gallagher

Members and friends of Virginia Bio,
Come join us next Thursday April 23 at our statewide conference THRiVE: Creating the future of bioscience in Virginia. This day-long event is a rare opportunity to gather with bioscience leaders from all aspects of our community from all across the state, and participate in unique, informative and game-changing programs.

Just this week VBHRC/”the Catalyst” announced it is opening another round of applications for grant funding for the development and commercialization of life science projects in the state, and Mike Grisham, CEO of the Catalyst, will be with us to explain the process and talk to would-be applicants. Be among the first to pursue this terrific opportunity!

You will rarely have another opportunity like this, to meet, in one convenient place, the grantmaking officers from several of the highest funding NIH Institutes, plus NSF, DARPA and DOD, to hear them discuss their programs and meet with interested people. Come take advantage of this convenient concentration of expertise and federal funding.

The afternoon’s plenary session, the Governor’s Forum on Bio and Big Data / Analytics, is the best chance you will ever have to become of aware of what is going on now in Virginia at the convergence of data science and bio, and meet many of the people who are doing it. We’ve assembled a superb lineup of national thought leaders and a large sampling of Virginia companies and researchers who are applying data science to bioscience and medicine in extraordinary ways. You’ll learn cutting edge work, get ideas, meet the actors, see the great opportunities ahead, and be there on Day One as we start working on how to take advantage of this strategic opportunity for Virginia to distinguish itself and take global leadership where data science and bio meet.

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VABIO Community News 
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VABIO Events
Virginia Bio Calendar


Virginia Bio Announces THRiVE 2015 Bioscience Conference Featuring Governor Terry McAuliffe

Virginia Bio’s bioscience centered THRiVE 2015 Conference will feature a Governor’s Forum on Bio and Big Data/Analytics with The Honorable Terry McAuliffe, Governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia. THRiVE 2015, to be held on April 23, 2015 at the Westfields Marriot Washington Dulles Conference Center in Chantilly, Virginia, will bring together bioscience leaders from across the state and beyond – including companies, universities, research organizations, investors, entrepreneurs, policy makers, scientific and professional services firms – to help create the future of the industry.

For complete article  click here.

RGI Accepting Research Proposals for BeHEARD Competition

Rare Genomics Institute (RGI) is accepting research proposals for the BeHEARD (Helping Empower and Accelerate Research Discoveries) challenge, a science competition aiming to accelerate personalized rare disease research. BeHEARD is open globally to researchers, foundations, or anyone whose idea is constrained due to limited resources. Families with a child afflicted with a rare disease will have the opportunity to work with a network of academic researchers to develop research proposals tailored to their child’s needs.

For complete article click here.

UniTao Halts Pharmaceutical Operations in Petersburg, VA

In a statement provided to Fierce Pharma Manufacturing, UniTao Pharmaceuticals, LLC (UniTao), subsidiary of Shanghai-based Tenry Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. that manufactures active pharmaceutical ingredients, has plans to idle its pharmaceutical operations in Petersburg, Virginia, until business conditions improve. UniTao is expected to keep a small team on-site to ensure the facility remains a viable pharmaceutical operation in the near future. The impacted employees will receive a severance package for their brief service to the company. UniTao has informed the Governor's office and the City of Petersburg that it will not be accepting the economic development grants offered by the state and the locality since the company cannot meet the obligations of those agreements at this time.

For complete article click here.

UVa Group Moving Headquarters To Old Coca-Cola Facility

As reported in the Charlottesville Business Journal, the University of Virginia Licensing and Ventures Group has agreed to lease 9,640 square feet of office space in the historic Preston Avenue building, joining a beer hall/restaurant and a bicycle shop in moving into the 76-year-old, 38,000-square-foot building.

Officials said the location puts the group in a location that is both close to UVa and to companies that started up through technology developed by university researchers.

For complete article click here.

AmpliPhi BioSciences Receiving $13 Million Financing

AmpliPhi BioSciences Corporation, a global leader in bacteriophage-based antibacterial therapies to treat drug resistant infections, has entered into definitive purchase agreements of common stock and warrants with a group of institutional accredited investors, including both existing and new investors, as well as with its strategic alliance partner Intrexon, to raise approximately $13,000,000 in a private placement financing.

Estimated net proceeds from the placement will be approximately $12,155,000. The private placement is expected to close on or about March 16, 2015, subject to customary closing conditions.

For complete article click here.

Ampliphi also received an article reference in today's Bioworld Today issue about increased interest in non-antibiotic strategies against multidrug-resistant pathogens. For complete article click here.

GRP’s Wingfield Named to FDI Frontlines Coalition

Greg Wingfield, President and CEO of Greater Richmond Partnership, has been named as a leader of the FDI Frontlines Coalition, a national organization focused on arming state, regional and local economic development organizations (EDOs) with the resources they need to attract more foreign direct investment (FDI). 

 For complete article click here.

HDL, Inc. Reaches Settlement Agreement With DOJ

“HDL, Inc. is pleased to announce that it has reached a settlement with the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) in conjunction with the government’s industry-wide investigation of the diagnostic laboratory industry. The agreement, which was announced earlier today by DOJ, resolves all allegations made against our company.

For complete article click here.

Ceres Nanosciences Malaria Saliva Test Being Evaluated by Johns Hopkins Researchers

Researchers at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health have been awarded a $525,000 grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to evaluate a promising technology that detects malaria parasites in saliva before individuals get sick and become carriers of the parasite.

The team, part of the Johns Hopkins Malaria Research Institute, will work with the biotech firm Ceres Nanosciences to assess a sampling platform developed by Ceres.

For complete article click here.

Apply for AdvaMed 2015 MedTech Innovator Competition and Accelerator by April 30
As part of its Innovation Agenda, AdvaMed Accel and AdvaMed 2015 have partnered with MedTech Innovator to provide best-in-class startups a unique opportunity to develop their innovative and transformational medical technologies and advance their strategic business development goals in thematic areas selected by leading MedTech manufacturers.

The MedTech Innovator competition and accelerator identifies and rewards outstanding early-stage medical device companies—providing them with the opportunity to meet with leading industry executives and VC investors and gain valuable exposure for strategic business development.

For complete article click here.

ivWatch Receives FDA Clearance And Significantly Advances Safety of IV Therapy
Peripheral IV therapy is a common part of many hospital visits, but it can often result in adverse events that, until now, have been accepted as the norm. The FDA recently cleared ivWatch Model 400 from ivWatch, LLC, a first-of-its-kind continuous monitoring device that will improve patient care by quickly detecting common adverse events: IV infiltration and extravasation. With over 150 million peripheral IVs placed every year in the United States and nothing previously available to continuously monitor them, ivWatch will provide a significant advancement in patient safety.

For complete article click here.

UVa’s Student Organization Health UnBound Offers Matching Funds for Internship Program
Health UnBound, a student-led organization at the University of Virginia that supports innovation in health and biomedical sciences, is soliciting internship opportunities from Virginia based biotechnology, medical technology, and health related companies. Health UnBound, with support from UVa’s Department of Biomedical Engineering and the Coulter Translational Partnership, will provide matching funds for UVa students placed with eligible companies.

For complete article click here.

GMU and Parabon Collaborate on Compute Against Alzheimer’s Disease (CAAD) Research Initiative
Parabon Computation launches the Compute Against Alzheimer’s Disease (CAAD) research initiative, which will accelerate investigations into the causes and risks of Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) through the application of large-scale computational capacity donated by concerned citizens and organizations. AD is a leading cause of death and dementia among the elderly, affecting nearly 40 million people worldwide. In addition to its devastating effect on patients and its emotional toll on their families, the societal costs of AD are estimated to be in the hundreds of billions of dollars, yet there are no effective treatment options available today.

For complete article click here.

Virginia Bio Presents 2015 Virginia State Science and Engineering Fair Awards for Biotechnology
Virginia Bio, in conjunction with the Virginia Bio Foundation, presented the Mark Licata Award for Biotechnology awards at the 2015 Virginia State Science and Engineering Fair on Saturday, March 28, 2015, at Virginia Military Institute in Lexington. The volunteer judges studied the abstracts prior to their arrival at the Fair and then voted on the top projects to interview one-on-one at the event. The first place winners also went on to win the Governor’s Award and Grand Prize at the fair.

In 2014 Virginia Bio and the Virginia Bioscience Foundation were honored to rename the Virginia Bio Award for Biotechnology to the Mark Licata Award for Biotechnology after the sudden passing of Mark.

For complete article click here.

Cadence, Inc. Adds New LaserSwiss Capability
Cadence has built its business on creating new-to-the-world manufacturing technologies to make complex products the world has never seen. The latest addition of innovative technologies includes a new LaserSwiss machining capability. This novel technology combines 6-axis Swiss machining and laser cutting into one process.

Tube fabrication technologies have emerged as significant total cost drivers for critical components. This combination of key tube fabrication technologies provides endless possibilities for complex tubing that were once deemed impossible through conventional Swiss machining alone.

For complete article click here.

VBHRC/The Catalyst Round Four of Grant Funding Deadline May 15
The Virginia Biosciences Health Research Corporation (VBHRC/“the Catalyst”) today announced that it is accepting applications/letters of interests (LOIs) for round four of grants to fund the development and commercialization of life science projects that address major unmet needs for improving human health. The awards, which range from $200,000 to $800,000, will help accelerate translational research in the Commonwealth of Virginia through collaborations between industry and Virginia research universities.

The deadline for consideration is May 15, 2015. Applications/LOIs and grant criteria can be downloaded from the VBHRC website.

For complete article click here.

Recipharm Makes Strategic Investment In Synthonics And Partners For Novel Compounds Development
Recipharm has made an equity investment in Synthonics Inc and purchased $2.0 million of preferred stock in the company. A further $2.0 million of preferred stock will be purchased upon Synthonics’ achievement of certain milestones, which could be expected during 2016. In addition, Synthonics and Recipharm have entered into a Joint Development Agreement under which Synthonics gains access to Recipharm’s expertise in drug development, marketing and manufacturing in exchange for a royalty payment on certain of Synthonics’ compounds. Synthonics has developed a unique drug delivery technology for metal coordination of pharmaceutical APIs. In connection with its investment, Recipharm’s Carl-Johan Spak has joined Synthonics’ board of directors.

For complete article click here.

Xenith Bank Offers Special Rates For Members

Xenith Bank has two very special offers for depository accounts and services for Virginia Bio members. These offers provide exceptional money market rates from our sponsor financial institution. There are two available options:
  • Money Market Account at 1.01%

  • Money Market Account at 1.25% with a Commercial Checking Account
To learn more about the specific offers click HEREYou will need to log in to access the account offers.

Eddie Phillips, Chief Lending Officer at Xenith Bank said, "We sponsor Virginia Bio because we want to play a key role in this important growing sector of business in Virginia. Xenith desires to be engaged with the members of Virginia Bio in a relevant manner, and as such, we are offering deposit account options to attract members as our customers."


Welcome New Member: AmpliPhi Biosciences
AmpliPhi Biosciences is a biopharmaceutical company focused on the development of an internally generated pipeline of naturally occurring viruses called bacteriophage (phage) for the treatment of bacterial infection. Phage-based therapy provides a unique and proven approach to treating a wide variety of bacterial infections and in particular, drug-resistant strains of bacteria that are commonly found in the hospital setting. AmpliPhi has built a drug development and manufacturing platform designed to allow rapid development and production of multiple phage-based therapies. Their plan and success relies on the ability to identify and develop selected phage to eradicate targeted bacterial infections across a wide range of bacterial disease. Initially, their phage discovery and development platform will focus efforts in acute and chronic lung, sinus and gastrointestinal (GI) infections.

AmpliPhi maintains operations in Richmond, Virginia in the United States and outside Sydney, NSW, Australia.

For more information please visit their website.

Welcome New Member: Clontech

Clontech Laboratories provides kits, reagents, and services that help researchers explore questions about gene discovery, regulation, and function. As a member of the Takara Bio Group, Clontech is part of a company that holds a leadership position in the global market and is committed to improving the human condition through biotechnology. Clontech's mission is to develop high-quality innovative tools and services to accelerate discovery.

For more information please visit their website.

Welcome New Member: VCU Department of Neurosurgery

The Department of Neurosurgery at Virginia Commonwealth University has established a reputation for using the latest neurosurgical techniques to provide high-quality care and equip the next generation of physicians with clinical and operative experience.

For more information please visit their website.

VABIO Community News TO TOP

Congratulations to Crystal Icenhour, Aperiomics, and her husband Derek on the birth of their daughter Sabrina Nicole Icenhour. Sabrina was born on March 13, weight 7 lbs 2 oz, 20 inches.
Dr. Richard Atkinson was elected as a member of the American Society for Nutrition Class of 2015 Fellows. To be inducted as an ASN Fellows is the highest honor that our Society bestows it is a privileged to recognize his distinguished career with this award.
Cassidy (Cass) Rasnick has been appointed by Governor Terry McAuliffe as the new Assistant Secretary of Agriculture and Forestry. Cass officially joined the team on Monday, March 23.
Immudex will be on the Discovery Channel April 22, 2015 @ 7:00 am – 7:30 am as a five minute segment on Health Briefs TV. You can see the same segment at this YouTube link now.
Neoantigenics Inc. of Charlottesville recently closed a $3M Series A funding round, lead by Eshelman Ventures of Wilmington, NC. Additional investors participating in the round were Irish Angels, the Pfizer Seed Fund, and CIT's BioGAP Fund. The Series A funding will allow Neoantigenics to complete preclincial proof-of-concept on their antibody-drug conjugate program for its lead cancer target, SAS1B.
Hatch Repppard of PeopleSolutions, one of The Richmond Group USA Companies, was recognized as a PaceSetter at the company's annual awards trip in Waikoloa Beach, Hawaii. The Pacesetter designation is only achieved by the top 10% of the companies 4,000 Professional Recruiters worldwide.
SpherIngenics was recently awarded a Phase II-B Small Business Innovation Research award through the Defense Health Program of the Department of Defense. SpherIngenics has a patented microbead technology that uses alginate microbeads for stem cell delivery to enhance cell viability and retention upon implantation. The Phase II-B award will be used to study the application of the microbead technology to composite craniofacial tissue injuries with a focus on cartilage regeneration. The award will be for 2 years and for $1 million dollars to support the research.
Tympanogen won the InnovateHER Business Challenge at Old Dominion University, for which women entrepreneurs presented how their company can impact the lives of women and families. The challenge was hosted by the Women's Business Center at ODU, and sponsored by the US Small Business Administration. Tympanogen moves on as a semi-finalist, and the SBA will choose 10 finalists to compete for $30,000 in DC next month.
University of Virginia biomedical science PhD students were well represented in the select 50 Leaders of Tomorrow group at the MD Regional Biotech Forum at MedImmune in March 2015. Alexandra Bettina, Matthew Biggs, Jacquelyn DuVall, Jessica Harakal, Jeffrey Teoh, and Margaret Wierman were amongst those selected as future leaders. Emily Billings was also selected in November 2014 to serve on the executive board for organizing the event and coordinating many of the leaders in the global biotech community as invited speakers.

On March 24, the Virginia Biotechnology Research Park held an “open lab,” allowing the community to see the updates and equipment available in the newly opened shared lab. Biotech Park members and other interested parties are able to use the shared lab on a daily or monthly basis. For a list of equipment and other information related to the Shared Lab, please contact Joy Edgett.
VABIO Member Anniversaries TO TOP

Virginia Bio would like to thank our long term members who have recently celebrated their membership anniversaries:

Prince William County Economic Development - 19 YEARS

Virginia Bio would also like to thank our members renewing for the first time:



Event: Patient Services Inc. Cocktail Reception
When: Wednesday, April 22
Details: Join Patient Services Inc. for a Cocktail Reception and show your support for patients with rare and chronic conditions. For more information visit their website.

Event: THRIVE 2015: Creating the Future of Bioscience in Virginia
Where: Westfields Marriott Washington Dulles, Chantilly, VA
When: Thursday, April 23
Details: Virginia Bio is bringing together leaders from bioscience companies, research universities, government, the investment community, entrepreneurs and professional services firms from across Virginia and beyond to learn, share, plan, do business and bring the biosciences to life in the Commonwealth.
Registration: Visit the 2015 THRIVE Conference page for more information and to register.

Event: 2015 MDMA Annual Meeting
Where: The Liaison Capitol Hill, Washington, DC
When: Wednesday, April 29 - Friday, May 1
Details: Click here for additional information.

Event: Virginia Bio Commercialization Luncheon - May 2015
Where: Virginia Biotechnology Research Park, Richmond, VA
When: Thursday, May 7 11:30 am - 1:30 pm
Details: The 21st Century Cures bipartisan effort to take a coherent look at the whole system, from drug discovery, to development to delivery, and the impact of the Food and Drug Administration, National Institutes of Health and other federal agencies. Industry experts here and around the nation have provided specific suggestions: greater involvement of patients, modernizing clinical trials and drug development, phaseless drug development, use of real world and post-approval data to support regulatory decision making, focusing special resources on key unmet medical needs, and preparing the FDA for the future. The Committee put froward a 380 page draft document in January, to spark discussion, and continue its work.
Registration: Click here for more information.
Sponsors: Data Blueprint, Greater Richmond Partnership, McGuireWoods, VCU Innovation Gateway, We Work For Health and the Virginia Biotechnology Research Park

Event: Biotech and Beer Networking Reception
Where: VCU Bear Hall Lawn, Richmond, VA
When: Thursday, June 4 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm
Details: Enjoy snacks and beverages with your colleagues from across the state while talking about the latest events in life science.
Click here to register.

JUNE 15-18
Event: BIO International Convention
Where: Philadelphia, PA
When: Tuesday, June 16 - Thursday, June 18
Registration: For more BIO convention information click here.

Event: TEDMEDLive Streaming
Where: Live Streaming
When: Wednesday, November 18
Details: Due to an exciting partnership with TEDMED and Virginia Bio, TEDMED would like to invite you to join in on this year's event where we will Unlock Imagination in the service of Health and Medicine. We encourage you to convene and share in free online access to TEDMEDLive Streaming 2015, comprising of more than 70 talks from transformative thinkers in health and medicine.
Registration: Click here for additional information.

Virginia Bio, was formed in 1992 and incorporated in the Commonwealth of Virginia as a non-profit association. The purpose of the Association is to promote the biotechnology industry in Virginia, expand the knowledge and expertise of Virginia's businesses concerning biotechnology through seminars, educational publications and other means, to enhance public awareness of the biotechnology industry in Virginia and the scientific, economic and other benefits it provides, and to represent the interests of the biotechnology industry in Virginia before federal, state and local legislators and regulators.  We provide a forum for members and their guests to get to know each other and the many bioscience companies operating today in Virginia and serving our biotech community. We coordinate information among the many agencies and organizations interested in biotechnology.

To learn more about Virginia Bio and how you can get involved, Click Here

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