Annual Meeting Proxy

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Proxy for Annual Meeting of Members 2022

The right to vote at the Annual Meeting is an important membership right of Bioscience Company and Nonprofit members. I encourage you to exercise it virtually, in person or, if you cannot attend in person or virtually, by proxy.
1.) Election of Directors: The persons listed below have been duly nominated by the Nominating Committee for election as a Director by the Members for the terms stated below:(Required)
New Director Nominees
2.) Re-Election Nominees- Third Term
If you wish to withold authority for a particular renewing nominee(s), please check the box next to their name(s)
4.)In their discretion, the Proxy is authorized to exercise the Member's voting right upon such other business as may properly come before the Special Meeting. The Member’s voting right represented by this Proxy will be exercised and voted as specified above, but if no specification is made, the Member’s voting right will be exercised by voting FOR ALL the election directors listed and to the terms specified above. The Member further waives all statutory or other requirements of notice of the Annual Meeting.
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