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We fuel the network of leaders that drive bioscience to eradicate disease, save lives, and feed the world… innovation at a time.

We are made up of the people who do the research, development and commercialization of biosciences in Virginia, and the suppliers, consultants, attorneys, accountants and others who work to support the industry.

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Cadence and Valley Career and Technical Center Join Forces to Invest in the Future of Manufacturing

Cadence recently partnered with Valley Career and Technical Center (VCTC), located in Fishersville, Virginia, to help get their new Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM) program up and running to help train the next generation of the manufacturing workforce. Cadence donated funds that provided a UR5 collaborative robot to be used in the lab’s Robotics & Automation Work Cell, four Form 2 production-quality Stereolithographic printers with a year supply of resin, a UV Cure post-processing chamber and a post-processing wash unit all to be used in the Design & Additive Manufacturing Work Cell in an effort to invest in the future of manufacturing.

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