Innovations in Clinical Trials & Research

11/30/2021  – 11/30/2021
12:00 pm  – 1:00 pm  EST


Guest Speaker:
Mavis Waller | VP, Clinical Operations, HemoShear Therapeutics; Joel Selzer | Co-Founder & CEO, ArcheMedX; Jeff Pompeo | President & CEO, Caretaker Medical

CvilleBioHub organizes a panel discussion on how longstanding changes and innovations driven by the COVID era will impact the future environment for clinical trials and research. 

Innovations in the clinical trial space caused by the COVID era are here to stay. In this panel, we discuss where innovation and disruption are happening, how companies are becoming more creative in a new virtual environment, and how companies in the regional biotech industry are working to reimagine systems, engagement and investment. We also explore emerging trends and what the future holds for growth in this sector.

Additional panelists will be announced.

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