Bonumose’s Tagatose Certified As Plant-Based & Vegetarian

For the first time, tagatose has been certified as Plant-Based and Vegetarian.

Tagatose is an ultra-low glycemic index sugar substitute found in tiny quantities in plants such as apples, pineapples, and the sap of a tree related to the cocoa tree.

But because tagatose is found in nature is such small amounts, for commercial purposes it must be made from other food materials. In the case of other companies, tagatose is made from dairy-derived lactose and, therefore, is not plant-based. That other process involves multiple separation, conversion and purification steps that result in a high-cost product that suffers from scalability challenges.

In contrast, Bonumose’s unique method enzymatically converts plant starch (e.g., potato, cassava, corn, etc.) to tagatose in a high-yield, high-purity process. Bonumose’s tagatose is made from a globally abundant food commodity (starch), using the same kind of equipment that is used to make common, inexpensive sweeteners. This results in cost-savings for food companies and their consumers.

Based on application materials prepared by Bonumose’s Director, Regulatory & Nutrition, Dr. Karen Weikel, Bonumose’s tagatose achieved certification under FoodChain ID’s “Vegetarian and Plant-Based Product” Standard.

Dr. Weikel has been responsible for many other certifications for Bonumose’s tagatose, such as Non-GMO (aka “butterfly stamp”), Ketogenic, Kosher (Orthodox Union), and Halal (Ifanca), and played an important role in Bonumose’s Safe Quality Foods certification.

Tagatose does not increase blood glucose or insulin. Tagatose is beneficial for dental/oral health. It has 62% fewer calories than sugar. Tagatose acts similarly to dietary fiber in the gut where beneficial bacteria use it to produce healthy short-chain fatty acids.

Meanwhile, tagatose retains a taste and flavor nearly indistinguishable from sugar (sucrose), with 92% of the sweetness, and a “cookability” that more closely resembles sugar than other sugar substitutes do.

Bonumose’s first tagatose production facility is located near Charlottesville, Virginia. Tagatose is available for bulk purchase through ASR Group.

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