CivicaScript™, SortPak partner to package & deliver medicines to maximize patient convenience, compliance and savings

CivicaScriptTM, which is dedicated to bringing lower-cost generic medicines to U.S. consumers, and SortPak, which delivers pre-sorted medications to patients at no extra cost to patients or health plans, are partnering to provide CivicaScript medicines in packaging designed to maximize patient convenience, savings and medication compliance.

SortPak offers two packaging options to make it easier for patients to take medicines as prescribed:

  • SortPak, which individually packages each dose based on the time and day patients take their medicines.
  • SyncPak, which synchronizes refills of patients’ medicines and delivers them in one box to their doorsteps.

The first medication the two companies will deliver together is CivicaScript’s treatment for prostate cancer. SortPak, a URAC- and ACHC-accredited specialty pharmacy, is especially knowledgeable in managing the needs of people with cancer.

Other medications will follow as part of the collaboration, including affordable insulin.

“This partnership builds on our mission to make generic medicines affordable and available to everyone,” said CivicaScript President Gina Guinasso. “Lowering the cost of medicines while enhancing patient compliance and convenience is a win for patients.”

“We’re proud to join CivicaScript to make taking your medicine simple, convenient and more affordable,” said SortPak Co-Founders Raymond Shirvanyan and Jack Simityan. “This whole-health model is truly the future of health care.”

SortPak’s value-based care model provides a unique hybrid pharmacy service to health plan members by offering a one-stop pharmacy for both maintenance and specialty medications.

This model is designed to maximize medication adherence by:

  • Creating a routine for daily medication consumption.
  • Providing free delivery of all medicines.
  • Syncing all medicines to one date for a 90-day supply.
  • Processing refills and arranging delivery ahead of time.
  • Sorting doses into pouches according to the day and time they should be taken.

SortPak’s services come at no extra cost for members or health plans.

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