Corning Webinar; Organoid Screening is the Future of Precision Medicine

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09/23/2021  – 09/23/2021
11:00 am  EST


Dimensionality in cell culture is quickly becoming the new normal, especially for drug discovery steps. Developing organoid models that can be used to test and mimic in vivo conditions has extensive advantages that can significantly aid drug developers when creating new therapies. Moreover, patient-derived differentiated cell types can be generated to develop numerous complex tissues and organ-like structures that are being used for precision medicine endeavors. Thus, regardless of the stage for your current research, adding some dimensionality could be the key to unlocking novel pathways or streamlining your current ones.

In this GEN webinar, we will learn more about how patient-derived organoids are being put to use for personalized therapies for diseases such as pancreatic cancer. We will also hear about various screening applications using organoid-derived models. To conclude the webinar, we will find out more about 3D bioprinting and the new entrant into the space that can dispense and print with Matrigel® matrix.