avantor delivered by vwr: Session 1 – Life Science Program

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11:00 am  – 11:30 am  EST


Join us for the first in a series of informational short capability sessions that focus on specialty programs within Avantor.

  • Our first session will provide an overview of our extensive Life Science program.
  • Avantor partners with industry leading manufacturers to provide you with cutting edge genomics and proteomics tools.
  • We offer a broad breadth of Life Science equipment, reagents, and over 350,000 antibodies to keep your work on track.
  • Avantor manufactured solutions provide our customers the advantages to enhance your Research & Production requirements.
  • The benefits of the Avantor BIO cost savings program, available through VaBIO, provide you the ability to be competitive in the market & get the most out of your funding dollars.

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