Introduction to LabPulse

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11:00 am  – 12:00 pm  EST


Guest Speaker:
Adithya Buddhavarapu

Managing laboratory experiments seamlessly and efficiently isn’t always easy. There are increased demands for more testing, higher standards for quality & data compliance, the need to minimize overhead, and the emphasis on proper tracking and data management. Together these dynamics present an opportunity to develop a platform that can manage pre-clinical research effectively. The need to allow for proper planning, initiation, and documentation of experiments can help researchers plan and organize data more effectively. The reproducibility of experiments is important for reinforcing hypotheses and data validation. Therefore, experimental retrieving and archiving are also critical characteristics of an effective pre-clinical research management tool.

LabPulse is an application specifically designed by Principal Investigators in the Life Sciences industry to streamline their work, manage projects and improve collaboration amongst researchers. It is built on Salesforce, the world’s most popular Application Development & Delivery Platform.  Join us to know more.

This session is ideal for Principal Investigators at universities, research labs, and pharmaceutical companies.