NIH Technology Opportunities Webinar: “A New, Safer, Long-lasting, Self-administered Injectable Contraceptive”

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11:00 am  – 12:00 pm  EST


Webinar Overview

The inventors will discuss the new LB formulation that allows for self-administration, eliminating the physician-administered injection requirement. Contrary to currently available injectable contraceptives, this new estrogen-free LB formulation also has minimal adverse side effects. It’s more stable, has a longer lasting concentrated dose and is reversible. Drs. Lee and Blithe will also discuss the results of NICHD’s completed Phase I Clinical Trial supporting the safety and effectiveness of this new LB formulation.


About the Featured Technology

Since 1973, LB has been traditionally used as an oral contraceptive. Prior attempts to produce an injectable version of LB in the 1980s were not successful because of problems with chemical aggregation of the drug product, which negatively affected stability and effectiveness.

Current commercially available (non-LB) injectable contraceptives require a medical professional to administer the injection. These injectable contraceptives are also associated with serious adverse side effects, such as: blood clots (i.e., venous thromboembolism (VTE)), decrease bone density, and less serious side effects such as: weight gain and moodiness.
Therefore, there is a need for a safer and more effective injectable contraceptive. This new LB injectable formulation satisfies this need.

The NICHD seeks licensing and/or co-development partners for this technology.


Competitive Advantages

  • Safer for women with high-risk conditions
  • Self-subcutaneous and reversible injectable
  • Long-lasting contraceptive effects
  • Increased stability relative to previous formulations
  • Amenable to large-scale manufacture relative to previous formulations
  • Estrogen-free contraceptive
  • Progestin only self-injectable contraceptive


What attend?

  • Assess co-developing the technology
  • Interact with the inventors, ask questions and provide feedback
  • Learn how to partner with the NIH
Who should attend?

  • Business development professionals
  • Drug development professionals
  • Biotech/pharma/academia reseachers
  • Investors and entrepreneurs