Precision Neuroscience Conference

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05/25/2022  – 05/26/2022


The international Precision Neuroscience Conference builds on a collaboration between Nordic and Virginia universities to advance neuroscience-based precision medicine, including diagnosis and treatment. The 2022 Conference will explore four thematic areas: Mental Health, Neurodevelopment, Brain Cancer; and Aging, Neurodegeneration, and Injury.




Join us in Roanoke at the 3rd international #PrecisionNeuro Conference from May 25 – 26. Gain emerging insights from 29 world-renowned researchers, including Carol Mason, Jan Hoeijmakers, and Josh Gordon, studying: mental health; neurodevelopment; brain cancer; and aging, neurodegeneration, and injury.

We’re currently accepting poster submission applications – see our conference site below for information about how to apply by the April 1 deadline.

Who should attend?

  • Master’s, M.D., and Ph.D. students and trainees
  • Postdoctoral fellows
  • Residents and attendings specializing in brain disorders