Solving the Unsolvable: Could Quantum and other Non-traditional Computing hold the key to accelerating drug development?

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11:00 am  – 12:30 pm  EST


Join Johnson & Johnson Innovation on December 7th to hear their panel of experts, including Whurley, Founder & CEO, Strangeworks, Denise Ruffner Chief Business Officer, Atom Computing, & Sanjoy Ray, PhD Senior Director, Oncology & Immunology TA R&D IT, Janssen Pharmaceuticals , discuss their views on the application of quantum computing to drug discovery, its potential benefits, risks, trends, and more.

Full-scale quantum computers could have the potential to revolutionize many industries, solving previously computationally impossible problems and uncovering unimaginable new possibilities.

So why wouldn’t we apply this tool to try and solve the worlds greatest healthcare problems? This promising, new technology could simulate larger, more complex molecules, and could simultaneously review multiple molecules, proteins, and chemicals – all of which is currently unachievable with a standard computer. Quantum simulations could also hold potential to be able to replace laboratory experiments, reduce the cost of research, and minimize the need for human and animal testing.

Quantum Computing (QC) could be game-changing for the healthcare industry, but there are always potential positives and negatives to any new technology. While QC could drastically accelerate research and development and could give scientists the ability to solve previously unsolvable problems, we must also educate ourselves on the potential risks around cybersecurity, ethics, errors, and more.

Join us December 7th to hear our panel of experts discuss their views on the application of quantum computing to drug discovery, potential benefits, risks, trends, and more.