Analytica Trade Show

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04/09/2024  – 04/12/2024

International Congress Center München, Munich, Germany

The Virginia Economic Development Partnership (VEDP) is thrilled to host a Virginia pavilion at the Medica tradeshow for the second year, expanding the space and the number of companies from six last year to eight this year. Medica is a great show for non-pharma companies supplying healthcare providers (hospitals, clinics, etc.). It’s great for medical devices, equipment, wearables, consumables – products and technology for treating patients.

VEDP has identified Analytica, in Munich in April 2024, as the premier show in Europe for a wide array of products, services, and new technology in and for life science industries upstream from healthcare providers. A quick summary of the show:

Analytica is the world’s leading trade fair for innovative laboratory technology, analysis, and pioneering biotechnology.

Exhibitors’ Profile- 882 exhibitors from 39 countries: 49% German, 51% from outside of Germany)

Visitors’ Profile and Industries – 26,573 visitors from 111 countries: breakdown of visitors from abroad: 77% EU9% Asia9% remaining Europe4% America. Industries: 28% are in chemicals, and 53% are in biotech, med technology, pharmaceuticals, and clinical diagnostics/forensics

Industries and Topics of Focus:

Chemical industry
Corona research
Diagnostics & Medicine
Drug Discovery
Lab Automation
Lab 4.0
Lab diagnostics
Lab equipment
Food analysis
Material analysis and materials processing
Quality control
Environment & Sustainability

The Analytica Conference that occurs alongside the show that covers the spectrum of modern analytics and thus bridges the gap between research and analysis. The companies participating with VEDP in the “Forum Days,” (taking place at the show and focused on biotech and digital transformation) could leverage their EU consultant team to help them identify and set meetings to be held in conjunction with the show with partner and/or buyer targets to really optimizing the opportunity and their time in Germany.

The registration deadline is February 1, 2024. Contact Caitlin Maxwell, VALET Program Manager, International Trade with VDEP for more information.