Webinar: How to Find and Recruit Life Science Talent

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11:00 am  – 12:00 pm  EST


Successfully recruiting talented life sciences leaders is both a science and an art. Organizations must develop a standard set of hiring processes and practices, clearly understand and internally align on nice-to-haves versus must-haves, manage time and timelines effectively, and prioritize the candidate experience. This training session, hosted by Slone Partners CEO Leslie Loveless, will cover strategies and tactics for creating a successful recruiting and interviewing process and experience. In addition, participants will discuss the interview mindset, preparation for interviews, and interview goals. 

Speaker: Leslie Loveless, CEO & Partner

Leslie brings over 20 years of experience in the healthcare industry and executive search experience to Slone Partners. She joined the firm in 2007, became Chief Operating Officer in 2014, and CEO in 2016.

At Slone Partners, Leslie acts as the organization’s leader and the head of the Executive Search team. Her involvement with clients and candidates enables her to understand the key motivations of each. As Chief Executive Officer, Leslie focuses on cultivating new business partnerships and expanding relationships with existing clients. Through Leslie’s leadership, life sciences and biotechnology have emerged as the primary client base for Slone Partners.

Dedicated and results-driven, Leslie assists Slone Partners’ clients in establishing clear objectives and developing customized hiring strategies to meet their unique recruitment needs. Leslie’s thorough knowledge and understanding of life sciences and business allow her to deliver exceptional counsel to clients and keep Slone Partners on the leading edge of the industry.
Before becoming CEO and Head of Recruitment at Slone Partners, Leslie had a successful career in healthcare sales. She used her background in education as National Sales Trainer with Quest Diagnostics and later as Director of Training and Development for AmeriPath.

Early in her career, Leslie spent over five years as an educator, honing effective communication skills and a passion for helping others realize their full potential. Leslie graduated cum laude with a Bachelor of Arts in English from Indiana State University and with honors, earning a Master of Arts in English from Butler University.