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STEM2VA Summer 2023 employers will be from area across the commonwealth:


Coastal Virginia

Northern Virginia

Richmond Metro Area


Internship Position Description

*Position Descriptions will be added continuously by VA Bio-Connect upon retrieval by participating companies. Please continue to check back for open intern positions for Summer 2023.*

Virongy Bioscience

Virongy Biosciences Inc. is seeking a highly motivated Virology Intern with biological
laboratory experience. This position will also have the opportunity to work directly with the lead
scientists and marketing teams to develop research strategies to advance product development
and meet marketing and sales goals. The Virology Intern will work to study virology to assist in
market research and advance product development while maintain impeccable records of all
scientific research activities This is an opportunity to work and learn in a fast-paced industry
while finalizing your education goals.

Job Duties Include:
Perform virology research to assist in the development of new products and reagents.
Conduct virology focused market research to identify new opportunities
Write scientific protocols and recording research activities for the production of standard reagents and pseudovirus particles.
Assist for organizing and ensuring efficient daily operation of the laboratory
Advance laboratory skills by performing assays according to established procedures and quality control measures.
Learn to perform tasks such that Virongy Biosciences reliably delivers quality products in a timely manner while carrying out work using good documentation practices (GDP).

Minimum Experience Required:

  • Bachelors or higher degree seeking students (Senior year only)
    Minimum of 1-2 years of laboratory experience Including: Meticulous Laboratory notebook and record-keeping

Preferred Laboratory Skills:

  • Micropipette use, Mammalian cell culturing, Quantitative PCR, RT-PCR, pseudoviral
    neutralization assays, RNA/ DNA purification and quantification, ELISAs, flow cytometry,
    luciferase assays, and microscopy.

Athari BioSciences, Inc.

Biotechnology and Business Development Intern

We are excited to announce the internship in Biotechnology and Business Development at Athari BioSciences! This internship program is designed to provide students with an interdisciplinary experience in the biotech industry. Students will have the opportunity to split time between learning vital laboratory techniques in our clinical or R&D lab and developing essential business development skills.

Bacchus Therapeutics

Research Scientist Intern

Bacchus Therapeutics is a biotech company that exploits cancer’s hypermetabolic state by targeting specific cancer metabolic pathways. We developed innovative, proprietary small molecules that target lipogenesis. This causes regression of MYC cancers in preclinical mouse and human studies and prolongs survival.

We are looking for intern(s) with the following required skills:

  • Mammalian cell culture (preferably cancer cell lines) and Western blot

Preferably skills in the following areas:

  • Drug dose response experiments
  • ATP/MTT assays
  • Solubility assays

CytoRecovery (Biomedical Researcher, Biomedical Researcher 1, 2 & 3)

Biomedical Researcher – Intern

CytoRecovery will be hiring for multiple internship opportunities with projects focused in biology and biomedical engineering.

Company Description:

CytoRecovery is a leader in next generation live cell sorting and recovery solutions. Our CytoR1 product system improves the speed and precision of the sorting, enrichment, and recovery of live cells from tissue and other biological samples. Our technology can be used to quickly isolate, enrich, and recover rare, distinct cell populations, enabling their downstream analysis, including their response to therapeutics. Our technology is “marker independent,” can achieve cell sorting in minutes, and is compatible with flow cytometry workflows. Additionally, our platform can be used in sample preparation for many downstream assays and culture experiments. We are a small startup bringing together technology from VT and UVA..

Internship Projects:

We will be hiring multiple interns for projects. One project will be focused on running the CytoR1 on numerous cell types. We will characterize cells’ response across a variety of parameters and do video-based data analysis to start building a cell database. Another project will focus on biological analysis and downstream assays of cells after exposure to the CytoR1 and various reagent conditions. Further, interns will work on fabricating our microfluidic devices and testing new designs and features of manufacturing for improved quality product output. Since we are a dynamic startup, intern projects are flexible and can be tailored to interns’ interests

Ourobio "Protein Optimization R&D Intern"

Protein Optimization R&D Intern:

In this role, you will utilize metabolic modeling and/or molecular biology research techniques (i.e. DNA assembly and mutagenesis) to help improve the functionality of the proteins in our bioprocess to more efficiently produce bioplastic and pigments at a large scale.

Reading relevant literature to build foundational knowledge of the project Design, model, and propose mutations to the protein of interest Purify mutant proteins to generate a library of protein analogues with different desired mutations Analyze the mutations using in-vitro kinetic assays Implement high-performing mutants into the engineered strain to assess in-vivo performance and impact on overall bioplastic/pigment production


Strong interest (or major) in Biochemistry, Chemistry, and/or Biology Students with previous experience in any of the following lab and analytic techniques are preferred: SDS-PAGE, Western Blotting, Gel Electrophoresis, PCR, DNA cloning, spectroscopy, cell culture, Site-Directed Mutagenesis Comfort with reading and understanding scientific literature Ability to perform experiments independent of supervision Experience with Python, MatLab R, Excel, and/or other modeling and statistical analysis software (strongly preferred but not required if in person) 

Ourobio "Biochemistry/Bioprocess Optimization Intern"

Biochemistry/Bioprocess Optimization Intern

In this role, you will be responsible for conducting experiments focused on bioplastic and pigment production (i.e. cell culturing, product extraction, quality control/assurance) to streamline our prototype development:

Conduct daily fermentation using genetically engineered strains producing bioplastic and pigment Development of extraction protocols to meet different grades (95-99.5% purity) of bioplastic production Performance of analytical procedures to measure the purity and properties of the product Use results to modify the fermentation process to optimize the production of bioplastics and pigments


Strong interest (or major) in Biology, Biochemistry, Chemical Engineering, or related field Comfort with reading and understanding scientific literature Previous experience in any of the following methods/equipment is preferred: Fermentation technology/cell culturing, Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectroscopy, Liquid Chromatography, Ultraviolet-Visible Light Spectroscopy Ability to perform experiments independent of supervision Experience with R, Excel, or other statistical analysis software preferred but not required

Virginia Tech and Carilion Clinic

VA Tech Students Preferably

10-week summer biodesign experience for undergraduates in partnership with the Virginia Tech Department of Biomedical Engineering and Mechanics (BEAM) and Carilion Clinic Innovation (CCI). Experiential learning activities include clinical observations (e.g., immersion in surgery and nursing) and needs finding and prioritization. In parallel, participants will work on existing medical device R&D projects and lead proof-of-concept design and testing through simulated use studies. Biodesign training will be provided by BEAM and CCI mentors. The program runs from 6/5/23 to 8/11/23. Participants are expected to work full-time, and a stipend of $5,000 will be provided. No housing will be provided, and it is expected that participants will utilize their existing housing in Blacksburg.


Research Assistant Intern


Tellapure, LLC is an early-stage non-thermal plasma technology platform company located in Northern Virginia offering transformational solutions for air and water purification and sanitization. (


Tellapure is seeking a research assistant for its Director of Research and Development. Tellapure’s small R&D section seeks to develop next-generation prototypes of Tellapure technology and customer applications incorporating Tellapure technology. The research assistant will assist with fundamental research and development, applying scientific and engineering principles to advance and refine Tellapure technologies, and designing, fabricating, and testing customer products and devices for commercialization.

Duties include data collection, research and analysis of test results involving its non-thermal plasma technology.

Areas of Plasma-Assisted Research include, but are not limited to: greenhouse gas decomposition; amine regeneration processes; agriculture; wastewater treatment

• Areas of Academic Study: Engineering, Physics, Chemistry, Biology
• Knowledge of CAD software and Microsoft Office Applications desirable


Northern Virginia in the Reston/Ashburn/Sterling vicinity.

Focused Ultrasound Foundation

Technical Summer Internship in Therapeutic Ultrasound

The Focused Ultrasound Foundation offers a summer internship primarily on a (yet-to-be-determined) technical project in the area of therapeutic ultrasound. Our science staff are involved in a number of preclinical research projects at the University of Virginia, and we determine technical areas of need in February in order to more specifically advertise our intern needs.

Our technical summer internships have previously focused on the following areas:
– 3D printing
– Matlab and other computer simulations / wave propagation
– Matlab-based signal and image analysis
– Stepper motor / Arduino interface for motion control
– Ultrasound device fabrication and testing

I hope to update this description once our ’23 specific technical / VA-Bio oriented summer internships are defined.


Marketing Research Analyst- Remote

Seeking student for summer intern position (remote) who is looking for experience to add to their graduation resumé. (minimum stipend available). Typical assignments would be to identify, quantify and analyze specific geographic target markets for evaluation of existing competitor’s products with possible positioning for placement of company’s future product lines. Beginner-intermediate knowledge of marketing research protocols with access to certain market analytical tools required.

NatureOral is an early startup company based in Charlottesville working in collaboration with several major Virginia higher education institutions to create new land and sea biodegradable materials as plastic substitutes for single-use plastics in healthcare and consumer products to reduce the global plastic pollution crisis.

Smithsonian's National Zoo & Conservation Biology Institute EEHV Lab

EEHV Lab Summer 2023 Internship

The Smithsonian’s National Zoo’s Elephant Endotheliotropic Herpesvirus Laboratory is the primary EEHV diagnostic lab for the U.S. An intern will learn to monitor elephants for EEHV. The intern will learn: how to optimize DNA preparations and qPCR assays on multiple sample types for EEHV, record results, laboratory management, record keeping, troubleshooting of experiments, and write a brief report detailing his/her activities. The intern will also read scientific articles relating to the project and have the opportunity to attend virtual and in-person lectures and seminars at the Smithsonian’s National Zoo and Conservation Biology Institute. There is a possibility of learning about veterinary anatomic pathology, epidemiology, and clinical pathology.

Duties and responsibilities:

• Perform qPCR on samples, from DNA prep to PCR reaction setup and analysis
• Record results in a lab notebook and on appropriate spreadsheets and prepare summaries of the results
• Update the EEHV website and write reports from the lab
• Complete a required brief report at the conclusion of their tenure
• Perform other associated duties as assigned


The intern must be a college junior (or above) currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in a life science or related field, a recent college graduate, or a veterinary or graduate student with some research background. The intern should have a sincere interest in life science research and plans for continued education or a career in life science or veterinary medicine. The incumbent must be able to dedicate 40 hours per week to this program. Hours and days are somewhat flexible. Attention to detail and manual dexterity to handle small tools, such as pipettors and reaction tubes, and to manipulate small or fragile specimens are required.
The intern must have strong communication skills and the ability to work in a team environment with staff, other interns, and a variety of volunteers. The intern should easily take directions, work well with others and have the ability to be independent. Preference will be given to candidates who have experience in a laboratory with a solid background in molecular biology. The selected intern must be fingerprinted, have a negative TB test, be vaccinated for tetanus and SARS CoV-2, and pass a background check. The Smithsonian and the National Zoo are committed to a safe workplace and will require completion of lab safety, covid safety, and face covering online courses and will need a recent negative covid test.


This is a paid internship. A stipend of up to $650/week will be offered (dependent on education level, coursework, skills, hours worked, and length of internship). College credit is offered if desired; the intern is responsible for obtaining necessary approvals from their university. The intern will be responsible for all transportation costs, living arrangements, and personal health insurance.


The intern will make his or her own housing arrangements in the Washington, D.C., area.

Location: Washington DC
Internship Category: Animal Programs


Medical Device Testing Intern

Join our dynamic medical device startup as an Intern and make a real impact in the healthcare industry! We are seeking a responsible, self-starter with excellent written communication skills to support our testing activities for a Class II medical device. As an Intern, you will have the opportunity to gain hands-on experience and contribute to the development of cutting-edge medical technology.
The ideal candidate will have a background in life sciences, biomedical engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, or related fields, with any experience testing for medical device regulatory standards a major plus.
This is an in-office position based in Charlottesville, VA. Flexibility and adaptability are key, as responsibilities may change pending the needs of the company. The successful candidate will be a quick learner and able to take initiative to complete tasks independently. If you are passionate about making a difference in the medical industry and eager to gain hands-on experience in a fast-paced startup environment, we encourage you to apply!

● Perform testing activities for Class II medical device
● Contribute to the development of medical technology
● Communicate effectively and provide regular updates on project progress
● Adapt to changing responsibilities as needed

● Background in life sciences, biomedical engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical
engineering or related fields
● Experience testing for medical device regulatory standards a plus
● Excellent written communication skills
● Ability to work independently and take initiative
● Flexibility and adaptability to changing responsibilities

Olokun Minerals

Research intern to work in the ocean mineral harvesting industry

Olokun Minerals is seeking an intern or student trainee that is interested in working in the field of sustainability and climate tech. We are developing a solution that diverts harmful saline drainage water away from ocean life and marine ecosystems, while also providing critical minerals for various supply chains. We are seeking a student that is interested in working in a lab environment and learning various analytical techniques.

Icarus Medical

Design Engineer

Icarus Medical is an impact focused and dynamic biotech startup. Our technology bridges medical devices, software, and additive manufacturing to yield a new class of orthopedic bracing. Our company values creative thinking, risk taking, and collaboration. We bring together industry leaders, engineers, sales professionals and student interns to create a unique work ecosystem, driven by our mission to enable people to stay active, free from joint pain.

Icarus is rapidly expanding and hiring motivated biomedical and mechanical engineers and engineering students, as well as students related to business/entrepreneurship, to contribute to the development of novel joint-assistance technology, mostly knee braces, that will significantly improve the quality of life for many patients.

Part-time position available that will involve most or all of the following:

Working in a team to invent new solutions to solve complex medical problems
Modeling / drafting device components using either AutoCAD or SolidWorks
Analyzing patents and learning how to write patents in a defensible manner
Learn how to create and manage necessary documentation required for a startup
Learn all elements of how to fabricate components of a knee brace including printing, welding, water jetting, milling, laser cutting.
Learning how to incorporate electromechanics within brace technologies.
Learning the art of grant writing for Department of Defense, National Institute of Health, and National Science Foundation opportunities.

About Icarus Medical Innovations
Innovative product design company that’s improving people’s quality of life!

We are looking for applications who are hard-working, adaptable, and eager to learn and innovate. In applying please highlight your project experience and skills and please tell us about any other interests you have that may be pertinent to the company. This position has the potential to progress to a full time position.

School Years:
Freshman, Sophomore, Junior

Chemical Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Automation Engineering, Automotive Engineering, Energy Engineering, Packaging Engineering, Agriculture & Biological Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, General Engineering, Materials Science & Engineering

3.4 minimum

If interested, contact Include a copy of your resume and why you are interested in an internship with Icarus.

MicroAire Surgical Instruments, LLC

Marketing Internship – Medical Devices

We are seeking a rising junior or senior studying commerce or a related field to join our Marketing department for summer 2023.

The Marketing Intern will work under the guidance of the Marketing Manager.

Essential duties and responsibilities include:

  • Contributes to development of overall product marketing strategy and messaging with competitive analysis, customer research, and product benchmarking
  • Monitors performance of key marketing initiatives, including limited-time promotions and new product launches.
  • Collaborates on development of sales and marketing materials, such as product brochures, promotion announcements, and social media posts (e.g., Instagram, LinkedIn)
  • Analyzes MicroAire’s digital properties (e.g.,,, and and makes data-informed optimization recommendations

Every day, thousands of people worldwide engage in surgery, either as surgeons or patients, and both need the confidence that everything will go as planned. Over the past four decades, MicroAire Surgical Instruments has empowered surgeons to achieve efficient, high-quality results that deliver unparalleled patient experiences.
MicroAire is a medical devices manufacturer with a product portfolio that includes several industry-leading devices used by plastic surgeons for cosmetic surgical procedures. MicroAire’s PAL System® is used by 8 out of 10 surgeons that perform power-assisted liposuction, and Endotine® is a proprietary bioabsorbable facial implant used worldwide by surgeons performing brow lifts.
MicroAire Surgical Instruments, LLC. is a fast-growing medical device company seeking a Senior Cost Accountant that is interested in taking their abilities to the next level. MicroAire is one of four companies within Colson Medical, LLC., the medical group of Marmon Holdings, Inc., under Berkshire Hathaway, Inc., a Fortune 100 company. MicroAire is able to both provide a small company experience that will allow you to see your personal impact on the organization while having the financial security of the company Forbes magazine ranks as the largest in the world (Forbes, May 12, 2022).


ZielBio, Inc.

Research Laboratory Intern

Responsibilities will be aligned with the candidate’s experience and will include:
• Assist in developing and/or implementing a variety of molecular, biochemical, cellular, in vivo, and/or analytical assays.
• Contribute to drafting of study reports and other documents such as manuscripts and regulatory documents.
• Other duties as assigned.


R&D Intern

R&D Intern





Quality Engineering Intern

RIVANNA is seeking a talented quality engineering intern to contribute to the rapid growth of our emerging medical device company. You will work within a team of professionals as we strive to achieve our mission of improving global human health. This role involves working with the quality and regulatory team on quality-related tasks and projects. Activities are carried out with an ISO 13485 certified quality management system.


• Contribute to advancement of quality-related projects, including but not limited to acceptance reporting, production data management, supplier evaluation processes, and manufacturing quality engineering projects on the production floor
• Attend operations and quality team meetings
• Report on project progress and completion
• Collaborate with members of other departments
• Interface with Adobe PDF, Microsoft Office packages, Dropbox, ClickUp
• Perform other job-related duties and responsibilities as assigned

Education and Requirements

• Current college student
• Experience with software languages (i.e. java/python, html, Google scripts) is preferred
• Advance Excel experience is preferred
• Independent worker with problem solving skills

We are always looking to complement our existing team with individuals that bring unique perspectives and experiences. This variety of thought and perspective drives innovation and strengthens our ability to create an inclusive team environment where our core values of trust, humility, and dedication are practiced every day. As an equal opportunity employer, all applicants receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, or national origin.

About the Company

RIVANNA® is a privately held designer, manufacturer, and distributor of world-first, imaging-based medical solutions based in Charlottesville, VA. RIVANNA operates an FDA-registered and ISO 13485:2016 certified manufacturing facility where it produces the Accuro® product line and related medical equipment and components. Accuro is the world’s first spinal navigation device designed to improve the safety, speed and efficiency of spinal needle guidance procedures. RIVANNA’s revolutionary platforms feature BoneEnhance®, Multi-Frequency Image Reconstruction, which optimizes ultrasound for the visualization of bony versus soft tissue anatomy, and SpineNav3D™ AI-Based Spine Recognition, which automates ultrasound image interpretation.



ISOThrive Internship

Unique opportunity to be part of a leading team in the field of prebiotic research and manufacturing. Rare opportunity to learn from a world-class scientist and inventor, Lee Madsen II, PhD. in a new laboratory minutes from the Prince William county campus of George Mason University.

You would be trained side-by-side with Dr. Madsen and will accelerate your career development in multidisciplinary Science by gaining experience with:

1. The microbiome, how it relates to health, and how prebiotics can help
2. Fundamental and practical Microbiology
3. Fermentation at 20 L scale and downstream process unit operations
4. Analytical Chemistry including HPLC, GC-MS, and NMR
5. Quality control/quality assurance and safety
6. Process scale-up
7. How startup companies work

The ideal candidate has:

1. BS/MS in a scientific or engineering field (interns may be selected from undergraduates and graduate students, and are encouraged to apply).
2. Laboratory experience, preferably in Microbiology/Biochemistry or analytical/organic Chemistry
3. Experience working with 5-20L scale fermenters
4. Experience working with centrifuges and vacuum evaporation/filtration
5. Able to lift 5 gallon (40 lb) bucket of water
6. Willingness to occasionally work evenings/weekends on a flexible schedule

Polaris Genomics

Research Intern

Polaris Genomics is searching for a research intern to join our team! This position is based on-site in our clinical laboratory in Manassas, VA. The applicant will have the opportunity to refine bench skills as well as familiarize themselves with GCP and GLP practices while assisting our clinical laboratory team with research contract completion.
Our ideal candidate is self-motivated, willing to learn new skills, and looking to develop new strengths in the lab.

Lab maintenance
Writing SOPs and protocols
Data analysis and visualization
Project development and implementation
Exploratory research for future project development

3D Orthobiologic Solutions

Microbiology Intern

3D Orthobiologic Solutions (3DOS) is seeking an undergraduate student to intern during Summer 2023. The intern will use microbiology techniques and analysis methods to perform in vitro evaluation of biomaterial scaffolds for cell culture studies.

Minimum qualifications:
At least Sophomore status. Working knowledge or experience in microbiology (skills can be obtained via coursework, internship, or other experiences). Biomaterial and 3-D printing knowledge is helpful but not mandatory.


Additive Manufacturing Technician for Lab on A Chip Devices

Skyphos Technologies is recognized as the world leader in micro-additive
manufacturing – we specialize in the development of next generation microdevices for medical cures and research such as microfluidics, and lab-on-a-chip devices. Since 2018 Skyphos is the only recognized and awarded 3D printer company for truly microfluidic devices with features from 10-100 um in size. Skyphos is a Manufacturer as a Service (MaaS) company – meaning we make our 3DP machines to enable production for our customers. Our 3D printers, materials and algorithms are all designed n-house and allow for incredibly detailed architectures of open channels in stacked layers in rapid times. Because we are mold-free, our customers can test multiple devices with small parameter variations at the same time – on the same sample populations– this enhances product development time and experiment resolutions while dramatically reducing costs. Since our devices are made from the same materials whether it is a run of 10 or a run of 10,000 all the devices will work the same at every stage.
Skyphos is looking for a fun and dynamic intern from a STEM discipline to learn the role of 3D technician for production. It is not necessary that the intern have an engineering or life-sciences degree – but undergraduate work is preferred. The intern must have lab- based experience (academic, veterinary, or previous job), a good understanding of safety and know how to use PPE properly.
In this position the intern will learn the process from start to finish of 3D printed Lab-on-a-Chip and microdevice production. This includes drawing receipt, quoting, DfAM review process, resin selection and machine tuning, STL-plating printing and QC (microscopic inspection). The Intern will be part of the process for post-production and should be familiar working in a lab setting with chemicals (such as IPA, acetone, toluene, etc.).
The intern may be selected to help with silanization protocols, plasma work, and should be familiar with safety concerns of confined spaces and fume-hood work. Again, it is imperative the intern have previous work with proper PPE (gloves, goggles, lab-coat etc.) As the printers are UV-light based the intern is also expected to understand the differences and use of proper safety gear such as filtering goggles.
It is preferred that the intern have previous coding and motion control experience as one of the summer goal projects is to begin developing an automated wash cycle for
batches of devices. We hope to find the right candidate so that upon successful
conclusion of the internship, a full-time offer will be tendered. That full time position is expected to be as the lead-technician with control over post-processing and automating that process.

Experience or undergraduate work – one or more focus:
Engineering Disciplines: Materials Science, Mechanical Engineering, Mechatronics
Life Sciences: microbiology, microfluidics, cell culture, veterinary work, animal

 Attention to detail, self-starter
 Understand basic lab protocols, including safety and record keeping
 Creation and storage of buffers, resins and compounds (%v, molarity, %wt, etc.)
 Prefer SLA, DLP or resin based 3DP experience
 Intern should be able to navigate drawing and model transitions between the
following: STL, IGES, STEP, DWG, SW
 It is preferred to have 3DP experience, especially with polymer FDM and
polymer-DLP/LCD machines along with an understanding of different post-
processing steps which can be used.
Nice to have:
 Prefer Coding experience with Go-Lang, Python, C++, G-Code, Java and Java
 Prefer experience with motion controls, timing, and robotics
 Programs: Asiga Stomp, Asiga Sleecer, Chitubox, Inventor, Solidworks, Comsol,
nTopology, MS Suite,

Caretaker Medical

Engineering Intern

Caretaker Medical, a Charlottesville based Med-Tech company that develops wireless, wearable patient monitoring solutions is seeking Summer Interns to contribute to our Engineering, R&D, and Electronics Manufacturing departments.

Specific duties include:
– assembly and validation of wearable patient monitors
– hardware, software, firmware configuration and loading
– QA validation and testing
– CAD drawing modifications
– Clinical Data Collection and Analysis
– Preparing Case Studies
– R&D Support


PAK BioSolutions, Inc.

Engineering Intern

Company Description
PAK BioSolutions is an early-stage company that designs and manufactures novel equipment for the production of biopharmaceuticals. PAK BioSolutions is conveniently located in Tysons Corner, Virginia.

Job Description
PAK BioSolutions is hiring an engineering intern to assist with the production and implementation of its automated manufacturing systems. This role will primarily cover all activities related to successful delivery of the company’s main product offering to customer sites. The role will also involve laboratory work and experiments. The ideal candidate will have laboratory experience and a strong willingness to learn new skills.

Preferred Skills/Experience
• Majoring in chemical engineering, mechanical engineering, or other relevant engineering field.
• Strong time management skills.
• Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
• Strong interpersonal, problem solving, and communication skills.
• Knowledge of biopharmaceutical manufacturing unit operations.
• Experience in automation (Arduino, PLC, HMI programming)
• Any experience with Studio 5000 or FactoryTalk View Studio SE
• Laboratory experience

Luna Labs USA "Biomedical Design Engineer Intern"

Biomedical Design Engineer Intern


Luna Labs is looking for a biomedical engineering design intern to assist with mechanical design and production of medical devices and/or medical training tools. Work will be focused on design and testing of the mechanical components and may include testing of various mechanical/electrical systems. Experience with Solidworks/CAD design, 3D printing, and rapid prototyping is required. Additional experience with sensor/actuator integration and testing is a plus.

Luna Labs "Biotech Business Strategy Intern"

Biotech Business Strategy Intern

Luna Labs Biotech seeks a Business Strategy Intern to help develop commercialization strategies for maturing technologies developed within the division. The Business Strategy Intern will partner with technical teams and business leaders within the organization to select a promising technology of interest from our portfolio, conduct market research, carry out customer discovery, and propose a business model for commercialization. The Intern should be able to work with people in highly technical fields including pharmaceutical development, advanced wearable sensors and systems, and medical diagnostics. Additionally, the Intern must be able to manage multiple tasks simultaneously with minimal supervision.

Capra Biosciences "Synthetic Biology Intern"

Synthetic Biology Intern
Location: Manassas, VA

Capra Biosciences is seeking a synthetic biology intern to support our organism engineering. The ideal candidate will be enrolled in or a recent graduate from a biological sciences degree program and will have previous laboratory experience. This technical position involves bench work under the guidance of a senior researcher. The candidate should be comfortable working in a multidisciplinary environment.
Capra Biosciences Overview
Capra Biosciences is an industrial biotechnology company revolutionizing chemical production with our patented bioreactor technology. Our mission is to make high performance renewable chemicals affordable. We work at the intersection of biology and hardware engineering to build a new kind of continuous flow bioreactor that leverages the innate features of our unique platform organism. We believe innovations occur at the intersection of disciplines and seek candidates who thrive at the interface between engineering, biology, chemistry, and materials science. Capra Biosciences is backed by leading venture funds including SOSV, has closed multiple funding rounds, and is a graduate of the competitive IndieBio Accelerator Class of 2020.
Capra is devoted to building a diverse team and an inclusive environment where all employees belong. Women, people of color, gender-expansive individuals, persons with disabilities, LGBTQ+ individuals, and veterans are encouraged to apply. Capra’s core values of respect, innovation, and accountability drive our belief that the more diverse our life experiences and world perspective, the stronger our team. Capra’s core values produce a culture of continued learning and curiosity by encouraging every employee to ask questions to fully understand the intent of their work – and to challenge the status quo if a superior solution exists. Through this accountability for curiosity, independent thought, and productive discourse, Capra produces the innovation that drives change.

Contact for further information.

• The intern will support organism engineering, bioreactor construction, and data analysis
• The intern will work independently but under the guidance of a mentor to learn good laboratory practices
• The duties of the intern include carrying out molecular biology assays, troubleshooting, bioreactor testing, and programming

Required Job Qualifications:
• Enrolled in or recently graduated from a biological science degree program with a focus on genetics, molecular microbiology, molecular biology, biochemistry or similar
• Evidence of high aptitude and academic performance
• Experience working in a laboratory environment
• Ability to work independently under the direction of a scientist/mentor
• Good written and verbal communication skills
• Proficiency with Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel
• Ability to follow all laboratory safety procedures
• US work authorization

Additional desired qualifications
• Experience with basic molecular and/or micro biology protocols (e.g., PCR, gel electrophoresis)
• Experience with pathway design/metabolic engineering

Capra Biosciences "Engineering Intern"

Engineering Intern

Location: Manassas, VA
Capra Biosciences is seeking an engineering intern to support our bioreactor development. The ideal candidate will be enrolled in or recently graduated from a degree program in engineering or biological/physical science with basic experience programming and working with hardware. This technical position involves bench work under the guidance of a senior researcher. The candidate should be comfortable working in a multidisciplinary environment.
Capra Biosciences Overview
Capra Biosciences is an industrial biotechnology company revolutionizing chemical production with our patented bioreactor technology. Our mission is to make high performance renewable chemicals affordable. We work at the intersection of biology and hardware engineering to build a new kind of continuous flow bioreactor that leverages the innate features of our unique platform organism. We believe innovations occur at the intersection of disciplines and seek candidates who thrive at the interface between engineering, biology, chemistry, and materials science. Capra Biosciences is backed by leading venture funds including SOSV, has closed multiple funding rounds, and is a graduate of the competitive IndieBio Accelerator Class of 2020.
Capra is devoted to building a diverse team and an inclusive environment where all employees belong. Women, people of color, gender-expansive individuals, persons with disabilities, LGBTQ+ individuals, and veterans are encouraged to apply. Capra’s core values of respect, innovation, and accountability drive our belief that the more diverse our life experiences and world perspective, the stronger our team. Capra’s core values produce a culture of continued learning and curiosity by encouraging every employee to ask questions to fully understand the intent of their work – and to challenge the status quo if a superior solution exists. Through this accountability for curiosity, independent thought, and productive discourse, Capra produces the innovation that drives change.
Contact for further information.
• The intern will support bioreactor construction and testing
• The intern will help to develop code for bioreactor control and monitoring
• The intern will work independently but under the guidance of a mentor to learn good laboratory practices
• The duties of the intern include carrying out molecular biology assays, troubleshooting, bioreactor testing, and programming
Required Job Qualifications:
• Must be enrolled in or recently graduated from an engineering, biological science or physical science degree program
• Evidence of high aptitude and academic performance
• Experience working in a laboratory environment
• Ability to work independently under the direction of a scientist/mentor
• Good written and verbal communication skills
• Proficiency with Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel
• Experience programming in C and/or Python
• Experience with Arduino, Raspberry Pi, or similar microcontrollers
• Ability to follow all laboratory safety procedures
• US work authorization
Additional desired qualifications
• Experience with CAD and/or 3D printing
• Experience with GitHub

Raphael Bellum PLLC

Intellectual Property Intern


We are excited to welcome an intern to work with us during Summer 2023. That person would ideally have an undergraduate degree in a hard science. An advanced degree in a biosciences or chemistry field is preferred. The internship would involve many different aspects of our practice, including, for example, preparing databases and graphs showing: client profiles, patents granted, patents granted/client, length of prosecution/technology, our success rate/examiner name, effective and ineffective arguments in response to each of the statutory categories of rejections, and so on. The internship would be an ideal experience for someone interested in learning about the practice of intellectual property at a private law firm.”


Junior Electrical Engineer Internship Responsibilities:

Responsibilities: Must be driven by candidate but performed under mentor guidance and review
• Plan and execute work tasks according to supervision/mentor.
• Design PCB circuitry from concept to finished product.
• Perform detailed design of concepts in terms of Design for Manufacturing and Assembly with supervision/mentor.
• Prototype and evaluate the electrical design in terms of functionality and reliability in subsystem and finished products together with the project team consisting of other engineering disciplines
• Produce technical documentation of the product such as:
o Schematics
o Gerber files
o Test plans
• Continued development of skills within the electrical engineering field
• Collaborate with other stakeholders within the organization
• Escalate information of any obstacle to perform any goal, task, or responsibility
Required Qualifications:
• Be enrolled in an electrical engineering program or a related program
• Test equipment familiarity:
o Oscilloscope using voltage and current probes
o DMM or handheld multi-meters
o Benchtop power supplies
o Frequency generators
• Demonstrated knowledge of basic electromechanical and electromagnetic theory
• Working knowledge of Office 365 applications
• Can effectively communicate in an inter-disciplinary team environment

Preferred Qualifications:
• Experience in ECAD knowledge (preferably Altium)
• Electronic circuit design and prototyping using breadboards and evaluation boards
• Power electronics design and integration
• Experience with circuit simulation software (LTSpice, Altium, or any alternates)
• EMC/EMI pre-compliance design, and knowledge of best practices for EMC-based PCBA design preferred
• Understands standard embedded systems programming languages (C++, Python, Embedded C)
• Knowledge of working in ERP systems
• Mechanical Design and MCAD viewer usage knowledge


Product Development Summer Intern (2023)


Cerillo is an early-stage company based in Charlottesville, Virginia working to develop novel laboratory instruments. We seek to hire a bright, creative, motivated intern to assist in an exciting development project involving the optical measurement of liquid samples, building on and improving Cerillo’s existing technology. This is a paid, up-to-full-time position from May to August of 2023.

For more information, please see:

Lifenet Health: "Product Development Engineering Intern"

Lifenet Health "Quality Engineering & Risk Management Intern"



Lifenet Health "Research & Development Intern"

Lifenet Health "Research & Development 2 Intern"

William & Mary "Healthcare Data Science Intern"

Healthcare Data Science Intern

Are you a data-savvy student with a passion for healthcare? We are seeking a Healthcare Data Science Intern to join our team and contribute to the development of real-world applications for medical devices. You will have the opportunity to acquire and annotate data to build a dataset for neural network training, analyze large datasets with tools like pandas, and work alongside experienced professionals in healthcare.

As our Healthcare Data Science Intern, you’ll have the opportunity to:

1.Work alongside experienced professionals to acquire and annotate healthcare data to build a dataset for neural network training.
2.Analyze large healthcare datasets using tools like pandas.
3.Develop real-world applications for medical devices in a dynamic and innovative team environment.


1.Familiarity with Python for data analysis.
2.Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal.
3.Ability to stay on top of tasks and responsibilities in a fast-paced team environment.
4.Interest in healthcare and how data science can be used to improve patient outcomes.

Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity to gain valuable experience in healthcare data science! Apply now to join our team as a Healthcare Data Science Intern.


William & Mary "Healthcare Research Intern"

Healthcare Research Intern

Are you a STEM2VA student looking for an exciting and flexible internship opportunity? We have the perfect role for you! We are seeking a Healthcare Research Intern to join Professor Ran Yang’s lab and contribute to a fascinating research project focused on hospitals, EMS services, and medical schools in various states in the US. This position can be in-person, remote, or a hybrid model.

As our Healthcare Research Intern, you’ll have the opportunity to:

1.Work closely with a team of experienced healthcare professionals and gain valuable research and analysis skills.
2.Conduct customer interviews, collect and analyze data, and assist in preparing research reports and presentations.
3.Perform much of this work from the comfort of your own home via video conferences such as Zoom.


1.Enrolled in a STEM2VA program led by VA Bio or equivalent program.
2.Good communication skills, both written and verbal. collection and analysis skills.
4.Familiarity with basic office software such as Microsoft Office.
5.Ability to work independently or as part of a team.
6.Strong attention to detail and accuracy.
7.Interest in the healthcare industry and/or research experience in related fields.

Don’t miss out on this excellent opportunity to gain valuable experience, contribute to important research, and have some fun along the way! Apply now to join our team as a Healthcare Research Intern.



ReAlta Life Sciences

Summer 2023 Laboratory Intern

An intern operating in ReAlta’s R&D division conducts laboratory and animal research projects to support the company’s research and development objectives. The intern works under the general supervision of the Laboratory Manager and Laboratory Associates.


Perform various duties related to animal husbandry, manipulation and monitoring. Maintain daily operations of lab including cleaning, supply inventory, maintaining equipment, and inventorying chemicals.

Develop and perform immunological, and biochemical procedures independently including ELISA, flow cytometry, cell culture, histology and microscopy.

Develop and maintain databases to record lab data and maintain lab notebooks. Analyze, extract and evaluate data and interpret findings. Attend and present current research data at laboratory meetings as requested.

Ruffin NeuroLab LLC

The Multi-Media Graphic Design Animation Assistant

The Multi-Media Graphic Design Animation Assistant is responsible for the creation of art assets based on a description received from the CEO/Principal Investigator. The Multi-Media Graphic Design Animation Assistant may/will also be expected to apply revisions to artwork created by themselves or other artists on the team. The Multi-Media Graphic Design Animation Assistant is responsible for following all quality check processes and procedures relative to technical construction
and style. The Multi-Media Graphic Design Animation Assistant is expected to work on several projects adhering to strict specifications. This includes fonts, image sizing, style (look and feel), and all other requirements contained within the Project Specific Style Guide.

Work may also include creation and editing of animations using OpenToonz, Microsoft Office, and Adobe After Effects, capturing and editing of video using Adobe After Effects, Quicktime Pro, and/or Wondershare Filmora 12, capturing and editing of audio. Additional software may be used/required as the project concepts expand. The Multi-Media Graphic Design Animation Assistant will be expected to work on numerous state projects, at various stages during the development cycle.
The Multi-Media Graphic Design Animation Assistant will also perform project management activities approximately 15-25 percent (10 hrs) of their work week. These activities include attending project meetings, updating status information, assisting with schedules, and issue resolution. The Multi-Media Graphic Design Animation Assistant is required to gain a broader understanding of content/test
development and publishing activities. They are required to know where to access critical project related information and details so that proper prioritization of project needs can be assessed. Strong and frequent communication, both written and verbal is essential to this position to effectively update project team members during the item/art development cycle. This position generally is tasked with a wide variety of artwork types and levels of difficulty. Including,
but not limited to; simple art (graphs, charts, scatter plots, basic line art) to more complex rendering of three dimensional images (scenes, storyboards, realistic and proportional figure and animal rendering, geological scenes, etc.). Trainee knowledge of AR/VR and Metaverse design/construction preferred.

The Multi-Media Graphic Design Animation Assistant may/will from time-to-time be asked to assist in other areas of test development and publishing during non-peak periods based on qualifications.


Formal education or equivalent experience (note: this is the minimum requirement. Equivalent experience in lieu of a formal degree should be listed or demonstrated in a portfolio.)

Bachelor in Fine Arts (BFA) or Bachelor in Science (BS)
BFA or BS from an accredited four-year college is preferred. BFA specializing in illustration, graphic design/fine art, digital web design or graduate of an art school or equivalent design work experience preferred. BS specializing in BioMedical Sciences preferred (e.g. Anatomy, Biology, Chemistry,
Neuroscience, and Physiology). Experience in education, large-scale educational assessment, and especially item development related artwork, is a plus.


Must have solid experience and familiarity with Microsoft Office Suite and Adobe CS Suites including Illustrator, InDesign, Acrobat, After Effects and Photoshop.

Ability to create illustrations using traditional techniques and computer-based tools.
Ability to work cohesively with a variety of people and personalities.
Must have strong, results oriented, professional verbal and written communication skills.
Ability to work concurrently on multiple projects with challenging deadlines.
Some project management experience, including the scheduling and management of multiple projects is required to coordinate and track item and art development activities.
Must be able to manage the acquisition of art, graphics, and other stimuli from numerous sources.
Must be proficient in working in an electronic workflow and production environment.
Ability to easily adapt to unforeseen and unexpected requests or changes in priorities.
Experience in computer-based animation and technology is a plus.
Understanding of web publishing with HTML and XML is a plus.

Render original two- and three-dimensional vector images such as molecules and anatomical structures, people, scenery, animals, buildings, and situational artwork for paper and online deployment using Adobe Illustrator or similar software.
Create matching the requested description/concept in compliance with project specific style and technical requirements. Apply simple to complex edits to artwork following written/oral instructions. Original artwork must be delivered on time and meet quality standards as defined by the Ruffin NeuroLab, LLC.
Perform as lead or backup for assigned projects, providing oversight, support, metrics, evaluation of quality, etc., providing updates to team members as needed.
Maintain all tracking and project metrics per business or customer requirements; develop process documentation or assist in the development of documentation, as required.
Maintain a detailed understanding of multiple item development (proprietary) systems and project specific workflows and electronic folder structures.
Maintain a high level of frequent communication with artist colleagues and project members across numerous teams through email, teleconferences, 1:1 meeting, project meetings and other forms of communication.
Understand the escalation process and keep the CEO/Principal Investigator informed on daily project status or issues.
Work independently, quality check all work to ensure highest possible quality output, and be open and receptive to actionable feedback when provided.
Access to Professional Development Career and Business Resources

William & Mary "Health Care App development Intern"

Health Care App Development Intern

We are seeking a motivated and enthusiastic Health Care App Development Intern for iOS Devices to join our team at William & Mary. The intern will work as part of a medical device development team, collaborating with engineers and researchers. The duration of the internship will be 10 weeks during the summer.


1.Work with the development team to create and implement features for the Health Care App for iOS devices
2.Debug and troubleshoot issues with the app
3.Collaborate with the design team to ensure that the app is user-friendly and visually appealing
4.Conduct research and provide recommendations for new features and functionality
5.Test and verify that the app works as intended
6.Stay up-to-date with the latest iOS development trends and technologies
7.Attend team meetings and provide updates on your progress


1.Currently enrolled in or recently completed a degree program in Computer Science, Software Engineering, or a related field
2.Strong knowledge of Swift and iOS development
3.Familiarity with Xcode and other iOS development tools
4.Knowledge of Git and version control
5.Strong attention to detail and ability to work independently
6.Excellent problem-solving and critical thinking skills
7.Passion for health care and technology
This is a paid internship position, with a duration of 10 weeks during the summer. As an intern, you will have the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in health care app development, work on a real-world project, and collaborate with a diverse team of experts. If you are passionate about health care and technology, and have a strong foundation in iOS development, we encourage you to apply.