Caretaker Medical Unveils VitalStream Roadmap for Streamlined Cardiogenic Shock Monitoring at SCAI 2024

Caretaker Medical, a leading innovator in advanced hemodynamic monitoring solutions, today announced the launch of its VitalStream® Cardiogenic Shock Continuous Monitoring Roadmap at the Society for Cardiovascular Angiography and Interventions (SCAI) 2024 meeting. This roadmap aligns with the National Cardiogenic Shock Initiative[i] criteria and timelines, empowering clinicians with a streamlined approach to early identification, and management of cardiogenic shock (CS).

Cardiogenic shock is a deadly condition where the heart abruptly weakens and cannot pump enough blood to meet the body’s needs. With a mortality rate as high as 50%[ii], early identification is critical for improving patient outcomes. Yet, timely diagnosis of CS remains a challenge.

“The VitalStream Roadmap empowers clinicians to combat this silent killer,” said Jeff Pompeo, CEO of Caretaker Medical. “By simplifying the monitoring process and providing real-time hemodynamic insights within 90 seconds of application, VitalStream can potentially save lives.”

VitalStream: Immediate and Continuous Monitoring for Faster, More Informed Decisions

The VitalStream Roadmap guides clinicians through a standardized process for CS identification using VitalStream, a continuous non-invasive monitoring system. VitalStream offers several key advantages over traditional methods:

  • Rapid Setup: Streamlined application within 90 seconds minimizes time to critical data.
  • Comprehensive Monitoring: Continuously monitors advanced hemodynamics including Blood Pressure (BP), Cardiac Output (CO), Cardiac Power Output (CPO), Heart Rate (HR), Stroke Volume (SV), and Systemic Vascular Resistance (SVR).
  • Dynamic Therapy Response: Provides Delta Values (Delta CO, Delta CPO, Delta MAP, Delta SV, Delta SVR) to enable clinicians to assess a patient’s response to therapy in real-time, guiding ongoing management decisions.

Aligning with National Cardiogenic Shock Initiative

The VitalStream Roadmap is designed to support the goals of the National Cardiogenic Shock Initiative, a program focused on improving CS care through early identification, standardized treatment protocols, and quality improvement measures. By aligning with the Initiative’s criteria and timelines, VitalStream can help hospitals enhance their CS care pathways.


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