LumaCyte Launches New Compact Radiance® Instrument for Advanced Therapy Biomanufacturing & QC Environments

LumaCyte, a leading innovator in advanced single cell analysis technology and instrumentation, is proud to announce the launch of their newly redesigned flagship Radiance® instrument to meet growing demand for Laser Force Cytology™ (LFC) precision analytics in space-constrained biomanufacturing facilities. The half-sized compact design is new, occupying only 16 inches of bench space, but the underlying technology remains unchanged. Utilizing LFC, LumaCyte’s Radiance® platform instrument provides real-time, label-free, quantitative cell characterization analytics for better manufacturing controls. Transforming the status quo, this capability enables manufacturers and production scientists to rapidly assess the quality of cellular starting materials and precisely optimize key production processes when manufacturing complex lifesaving biotherapeutics. The more compact Radiance® instrument is not just a step forward; it’s a leap towards the future of real-time precision cell-based production analytics, where these insights have the power to guide and accelerate the delivery of life-saving advanced therapies for patients.

Manufacturing advanced biotherapeutic products is fraught with challenges – from complexities in the highly variable starting materials, to the large biological variations that can occur during production, compounded by slow and imprecise legacy analytics. LumaCyte’s novel Radiance® instrument is a process analytical technology (PAT) that combines advanced optics and microfluidics to transform the field of single cell analysis, delivering real-time process and production answers, streamlining lengthy manufacturing steps, and significantly improving the likelihood of production and product success.

The new Radiance® instrument stands poised to meet the growing demands for advanced analytics in manufacturing and production environments. Regulators are increasingly encouraging the adoption and implementation of novel real-time precision PAT analytics earlier in process development and manufacturing processes to improve production quality and product consistency. Radiance® users now have real-time production analytics at their fingertips that both inform and enable rapid optimization, making better process control and consistent production quality a reality, and now with a much smaller footprint.

Sean Hart, PhD, LumaCyte CEO and CSO, emphasizes the significance of the new Radiance® instrument in addressing industry needs: “We understand the challenges that our customers face in maximizing their lab space and ensuring compliance with evolving regulatory standards. The Radiance® instrument is a testament to LumaCyte’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of single cell analysis, providing our customers with an analytical solution that delivers answers on demand. With this compact yet highly capable device, we aim to revolutionize how cell-based analytics are performed, offering our customers a more efficient and space-saving solution.”

Radiance® has already captured the attention of top biopharma and CDMO organizations worldwide, establishing itself as a pioneering tool across many analytical applications in vaccines, gene, and cell therapy manufacturing. As laboratories continue to look for powerful and space-saving process analytical technology solutions for cell health, potency, functionality and sterility, Radiance® offers all these capabilities in one instrument.

Meret Gaugler, PhD, global life sciences investor and advisor, says: “LumaCyte’s technology is driving advanced, streamlined analytics to replace outdated and cumbersome assays. Radiance®’s more compact form factor could not have come at a better time. Cell and gene therapy manufacturing is moving past the growing pains of earlier generations and the field has matured to sufficient relevance for regulators to start setting more stringent standards in the use and adoption of cellular PATs.”

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