New Jeeva eClinical Research Technology Enables Global Diversity Inclusion and Multi-Center Collaboration

Researchers in the U.S. and abroad have selected the Jeeva eClinical Platform for their pivotal clinical trials. U.S.-based Frantz Viral Therapeutics (FVT), a joint venture of Georgetown University Medical Center and Frantz Medical Group, developed and clinically demonstrated safety and efficacy in three applications of an antiviral drug for the treatment of HPV-associated pre-invasive disease of the anogenital tract. FVT selected the Jeeva eClinical platform to effectively execute a multi-site phase 2 clinical trial focused on the treatment of anal squamous intraepithelial lesions (anal HSIL). “I appreciate the functionality of the system. The Jeeva team has been helpful in working with us to provide exactly what we needed for our pivotal study,” says Mihaela Plesa, Director of Clinical Operations at Frantz Viral Therapeutics.

ImmunoACT is pioneering the first cell and gene therapy in India for patients’ long-term cures, both for common and rare diseases. They chose Jeeva to accelerate clinical development timelines without tapping into a large, full-service Contract Research Organization (CRO) or creating an in-house IT infrastructure. ImmunoACT selected Jeeva as a strategic technology partner to optimize their clinical trial operations from the very early stage through study closeout and long-term follow-up. “We need to bring the healthcare costs and product development costs down, especially in the developing world. Clinical trial costs are a significant part of product development costs. We are confident that by partnering with Jeeva, we can find the right value for money proposition without compromising on the quality,” says Shirish Arya, Director of Strategy at ImmunoACT.

With regional deployments of the Jeeva eClinical Cloud and TRIALMAGNET, we are able to support local regulatory requirements for the physical storage of clinical trial data and make it affordable in emerging markets with local partners and expertise on the ground.
The company has established numerous partnerships with CROs, site networks, and investigators in the US, India, and Latin America. Jeeva recently strategically partnered with MetFlux Research Services Pvt. Ltd. (MetFlux) for virtual clinical trials and software distribution in India. “Our partnership with Jeeva brings the world’s first-of-its-kind clinical research service, combining MetFlux’s Investigative PhysiologyTM platform with Jeeva’s eClinical trials platform. The partnership enables end-to-end pre-clinical and clinical trial solutions to pharma and healthcare companies seamlessly linking deep physiology research, advanced research analytics with the scalable digital clinical trial execution, and outstanding customer support,” says Professor Venkatesh Kareenhalli, Founder and Director of MetFlux.

U.S.-based Koncord Clinical Research Services (KCRS) needed a mobile-friendly software platform for engaging diverse patients in the Texas-Mexico border region. With Jeeva eClinical Cloud, the team is gathering accurate and faster eConsent, followed by biospecimen collection from elderly Hispanic persons with liver and gastrointestinal disorders. “In looking for a software partner, our research coordinators and investigators in the field could call the Jeeva team anytime, get reliable support, and have reassurance as we enroll patients on the go. You can count on Jeeva when time is of the essence in operationalizing a clinical trial,” attests Dr. Emmanuel Gorospe, Chief Medical Officer of KCRS.

Farmacon Global, a strategic CRO based in the U.S. with an extensive reach to clinical research sites in Latin America and outreach ability to Latinos in the U.S., recently partnered with Jeeva eClinical Platform to enable the Hispanic and Latinx communities with rare diseases, opportunities to access therapies in clinical trials. “Having evaluated numerous clinical trial platforms, Jeeva was refreshing in its vision to engage underrepresented minorities, focus on rare diseases, and collaborative approach beyond technology. We are eager to enable patient education, recruitment, and retention in rare disease clinical studies, such as patient registries and cell/gene therapies,” says Sara Tylosky, CEO of Farmacon Global.

Based on his lived experiences of caring for young loved ones with rare and chronic conditions, Dr. Rajasimha is driven to help patients gain access to critical and life-saving therapies faster and with the least burden. He says, “Empowering remote patient-researcher interactions through the use of human-centric digital technology enables us to deliver dramatic improvements in the diversity of study populations scalable to a variety of clinical trials with rapid configurations rather than building a custom app each time.”

The globalization, decentralization, and diversification of clinical trials are just beginning, but the future is bright.

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