Phlow Earns B Corp Certification Continuing Its Commitment to Improve Quality, Reliability, and Access to Essential Medications

Phlow Corp., a Public Benefit Corporation,  announced that it has joined a select group of purpose-driven businesses by becoming the first pharmaceutical manufacturer based in America to earn B Corporation™ (B Corp™) certification. The new certification further emphasizes Phlow’s commitment to improving access and availability of domestically produced, high-quality pharmaceuticals and active pharmaceutical ingredients through advanced manufacturing and environmentally-friendly manufacturing processes.

“At Phlow, we are on a mission to secure our Nation’s supply of essential medicines and revolutionize the way medicines are developed and manufactured. We not only believe we can be best in the world for the advanced manufacturing of medicines, but best for the world,” said Eric Edwards, M.D., Ph.D., co-founder and CEO of Phlow. “To ensure Phlow’s commitment toward being an impact-driven organization, Phlow chose to incorporate as a Public Benefit Corporation from the very beginning. We are now proud to have received this official certified B Corporation designation as yet another example of Phlow’s commitment toward accountability and validation of the company operating in a sustainable and responsible manner.”

To achieve B Corp™ certification, Phlow followed a rigorous review, which is only granted to a very select number of companies that demonstrate high standards of accountability, transparency, and impact and meet a minimum verified score on the B Impact Assessment. This assessment is conducted by B Lab, the organization that created and awards the B Corporation certification.

Phlow earned B Corp™ status because of its continued commitment to its triple bottom line focused on success in three areas: Profit, People, and Planet. Key elements contributing to Phlow’s achievement of this global B Corp certification include:


  • Advancing Green Chemistry – A key element in Phlow’s advanced manufacturing processes is the utilization of continuous flow chemistry, where a chemical reaction is run in a continuously flowing stream, providing key advantages when compared to standard batch chemistry methods. At every opportunity, Phlow deploys advanced learning practices in continuous manufacturing to decrease Process Mass Intensity (PMI) and improve solvent recovery and reuse.
  • Securing Our Nation’s Critical Essential Medicines Supply Chain – Phlow has partnered with the United States government to secure a supply of our Nation’s most vulnerable medicines. Phlow’s program focuses on developing and manufacturing Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) that, in some cases, have not been manufactured on U.S. soil for decades and are vulnerable to drug shortages. In addition, Phlow has constructed and initialized operations for the Nation’s first reserve for key starting materials and APIs to ensure resiliency and availability in times of geopolitical crises, trade disputes, natural disasters, or future public health emergencies.
  • Building a First-In-Kind Children’s Hospital Coalition – Phlow commits to ensuring access to medicines for the Children’s Hospital Coalition, an unprecedented coalition of 30 members representing 42 best-in-class hospitals that aim to ensure the reliable and affordable supply of high-quality essential medicines and to help prevent pediatric drug shortages.
  • Building Healthy, Thriving Communities – Serving the under-resourced Petersburg, VA community by engaging and empowering students and families through Phlow’s partnership with Petersburg City Public Schools to rebuild playgrounds and provide learning days with scientific demonstrations and stories of innovation.


“As one of the very few B Corp certified pharmaceutical manufacturers in the world, Phlow is committed to serving as a force for good for all stakeholders, including our employees, patients, the communities we serve, and the environment,” said Robby Demeria, Chief Corporate Affairs Officer who is responsible for overseeing Phlow’s B Corp certification. “Ultimately, we measure the public good we are creating by Phlow’s ability to improve access and availability of domestically produced, high-quality pharmaceuticals and active pharmaceutical ingredients through advanced manufacturing utilizing environmentally friendly processes.”


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