Two Additional Organic Compliance Listings Obtained for AgroSpheres Novel Encapsulation Platform for Use in Organic Crop Production

AgroSpheres, Inc., an agricultural biobased solutions developer, recently received certificates attesting to the organic input compliance of its proprietary encapsulation technology, AgroSpheres® Microbially-Derived Minicells (also known as the AgriCell), and its formulated encapsulated thyme oil product, Thyme Oil 26% LC Biofungicide from the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI). OMRI, the leading certifier of organic inputs for agriculture, has determined that both products meet the criteria for use under the USDA National Organic Program (NOP).

AgroSpheres® Microbially-Derived Minicells is now listed in OMRI’s Generic Material Listing for use as (1) an inert ingredient in organic crop pest, weed, and disease control and (2) as an adjuvant for use in fertilizers and soil amendments in crop management tools and production aids.

Thyme Oil 26% LC Biofungicide is now listed by OMRI as a biopesticide for use in crop pest, weed, and disease control.

AgroSpheres® Microbially-Derived Minicells may be used as an adjuvant in fertilizers and soil amendments beginning immediately.

However, for crop pest, weed, and disease control uses, please note that both AgroSpheres® Microbially-Derived Minicells and Thyme Oil 26% LC Biofungicide are currently pending review and approval by US EPA. Once those approvals are granted, they will be available for use in organic and conventional crop production.

These certificates symbolize that these AgroSpheres’ products meet the stringent criteria NOP has created for the organic industry. This significant milestone marks a major step forward in advancing environmentally friendly and efficient agricultural practices.

“We are extremely pleased to have received this acknowledgement from OMRI. This certification opens up our ability to sell to all growers and provide tools for organic growers that are in desperate need. In our previous year of field trials, our Thyme Oil 26% product performed very well against both OMRI and conventional products,” said Reese Blackwell, Chief Business Officer for AgroSpheres.

In recent field trials, growers have not only seen great product efficacy but also added plant health benefits of this OMRI product. Below are a couple of the grower remarks that AgroSpheres received in last season’s trial program.

  • “You could notice a difference in the crop between treatments. When we dropped the crop to the ground in the AgroSpheres treatment area, the overall crop quality looked better vs. the other treatments in the field.” – Grape Grower (Sacramento, CA)
  • “Overall plant health looks better in the AgroSpheres treatment vs. the untreated control, and the competitive product.” – Almond Grower (Crows Landing, CA)

The encapsulated products will be sold through various distributors after product approvals.

To see a complete list of the OMRI Listed® certificates for AgroSpheres® products, click here.

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