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Artificially capping drug prices will only stifle access, innovation

Alleviating high health care costs remains a top priority for Virginia lawmakers this legislative session. While addressing medication affordability and access concerns should remain a priority for everyone, any policy solution to do so must strike a balance between addressing affordability, preserving patient access to critical treatments and protecting Virginia’s leading life sciences innovation ecosystem.


Call for Judges for Science Fair and BioGENEius Challenge

Each year, Virginia Bio recruits volunteer judges from the membership to attend the Virginia State Science and Engineering Fair to select the top three winners in the field of biosciences. The time commitment is limited to a pre-event online review of the submissions to select the finalists and then a few hours onsite at the


Virginia Bio-Connect – The Success of Virginia’s First Statewide Collaborative Life Sciences Initiative

The end of 2023 marked the completion of Virginia’s first statewide life sciences initiative, Virginia Bio-Connect, which started in April 2021. This comprehensive industry cluster strengthening project, supported by Virginia Growth and Opportunity Foundation funding and led by the Virginia Biotechnology Association, engaged thousands of life sciences professionals and hundreds of organizations and companies within


The proposed DRUG Act will spur innovation in biotech, and reduce costs

As the vibrant biotechnology and life sciences industry in Virginia flourishes, our mission at the Virginia Biotechnology Association remains steadfast: to promote innovation and growth through strengthened advocacy, talent attraction, development and retention while advancing the next generation of leaders. We succeed because Virginia encourages risk-takers to develop new health care and technology treatments. Virginia’s


Virginia Biotechnology Association Announces the Election of Two New Board Members

The Virginia Bio Membership has elected two new Directors to the Virginia Bio Board. Joining the Board are Maria Clarke, Executive Director, J.P. Morgan Private Bank and Susan Mitchell, CEO of Athari Bio.  The new Directors’ 3-year terms will begin in April 2024. “Two years ago, we decided to expand our Board of Directors to


The Lessons Learned from the STEM2VA Internship Program for the Life Sciences Industry

About two years ago, the STEM2VA Program kicked off to provide internship opportunities for Virginia students within the life sciences sector on one side and to facilitate the recruitment process and offset some costs for the employers on another. The program was part of the Virginia Bio-Connect project funded by the GO Virginia grant initiative.