Cupron® Introduces Revolutionary, Cost-effective Antimicrobial Technology, Cupron Sinerji™

Cupron®, a renowned antimicrobial solutions provider – doing business as Cupron Performance Additives – is excited to announce the significant expansion of its offerings with the introduction of Cupron Sinerji™. This new adjuvant-enhanced platform offers superior antimicrobial efficacy across multiple substrates, all while maintaining an economical cost structure.

Cupron Sinerji incorporates adjuvants into the copper-based formulation, resulting in a custom, flexible technology engineered to harness synergistic effects to meet a wide range of product protection and antimicrobial performance objectives – from US EPA Treated Article Exemptions to unique and differentiated Public Health Claims.

Utilizing adjuvants, the technology delivers heightened efficacy against various organisms, improves color selection, and increases manufacturing yields. It offers an efficient and adaptable solution for numerous markets and applications, demonstrating its versatility and innovative potential across all polymers and organisms.

“The high prices of silver additives have previously compelled many brands to restrict their use in product manufacturing, subsequently diminishing the antimicrobial potency of the final products,” said Chris Andrews, CEO of Cupron Performances Additives. “However, Cupron Sinerji’s competitive cost to performance ratio is set to revolutionize traditional views on the value of antimicrobial solutions, introducing them to new applications that were previously considered cost-prohibitive.”

Cupron Sinerji has an attractive sustainability profile as the foundation of the platform is recycled copper and the technology is non-leaching. As a recognized micronutrient, copper presents a benign regulatory profile unlike other metal-ion (e.g. silver) or organic (e.g. ZnPT, PHMB, IPBC, etc.) alternatives under scrutiny in the marketplace.

Cupron Performance Additives is engaged with current sales and distribution partners to make the Cupron Sinerji technology platform available to their customers, and will add additional partners seeking to bring new additives to the commercial and industrial sectors.


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