Cupron Performance Additives Announces New Applications for Cupron Sinerji™

Innovative antimicrobial solutions provider Cupron®, doing business as Cupron Performance Additives, announces expanded functionality for its recently introduced antimicrobial platform technology Cupron Sinerji.  Initially engineered as a copper-based formulation, Cupron® has now extended Cupron Sinerji’s  performance, cost, and color advantage to all metal ion chemistries commonly used for antimicrobial purposes.  Specifically, Cupron’s new platform technology delivers improved antimicrobial performance across commoditized antimicrobial metal ion types – copper, silver and zinc.

Cupron Sinerji incorporates adjuvants into the metal ion-based formulations, resulting in a custom, flexible technology engineered to harness synergistic effects to meet a wide range of product protection and antimicrobial performance objectives – from US EPA Treated Article Exemptions to unique and differentiated Public Health Claims.  FDA-regulated products may also incorporate customized Cupron Sinerji formulations.

Utilizing adjuvants, the technology delivers heightened efficacy against various organisms, including mold and mildew, improves color performance and increases manufacturing yields. It offers an efficient and adaptable solution for numerous markets and applications, demonstrating its versatility and innovative potential across all polymers and organisms.

“Expensive silver additives cause many brands to limit the amount used during manufacturing, diminishing the antimicrobial potency of the final products,” said Chris Andrews, CEO of Cupron Performance Additives.

Cupron Sinerji also imparts several non-cost benefits as well to a range of metal ion offerings: color flexibility, color stability, production efficiency and an improved sustainability profile across a range of substrates. With Cupron Sinerji, our partners will re-evaluate the economics and applications associated with microbial control and management. We are pleased to be the reason the market will expect more from antimicrobial additives.”

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