VIPC’s CCF Announces $1.75M In Funding to Support Virginia Startups Technology Testing and Market Validation

The Virginia Innovation Partnership Corporation (VIPC) announced new grant funding totaling approximately $1.75 million to 24 Virginia small businesses through its Commonwealth Commercialization Fund (CCF).

CCF is a competitive program that seeks to fund high-potential, Virginia-based, for-profit technology companies at the pre-seed stage of commercialization and provides grants up to $75,000. Each award is matched by the company at a one-to-one minimum.

Since the relaunch of the CCF program in January 2022, through VIPC’s fiscal year end on June 30, more than $2.7 million has been awarded to 39 companies across the state.

“We are committed to connecting innovators with opportunities. VIPC’s CCF supports exciting and promising research and commercialization throughout Virginia’s small business community by providing funding at critical points in the company and technology lifecycles,” said Robert Stolle, VIPC President, and CEO. “This latest group of award recipients continues CCF’s successful trend of empowering and accelerating innovation that helps position the Commonwealth as a national leader in science and technology-based R&D funding, investment, and commercialization.”

This announcement celebrates the following 24 CCF private sector project award recipients confirmed through VIPC’s fiscal year end June 30, 2022:

3GirlsTech, Inc. dba Greenlist | Ms. Jessica Owens
Greenlist Customer Portal & Feature Development, $74,600, IT, Falls Church

ArchiveCore INC * | Dr. Lennox McNeary
ArchiveCore Industry Pilot, $75,000, Life and Health Sciences, Roanoke

Autonomous Flight Technologies Inc | Mr. Josh May
UAS Sensor Fusion Array Suite, $75,000, Aerospace, Salem

Care Keepers, Inc dba Senior Runs * | Ms. Jaynee Sasso
Mobility and Care Solutions to Empower Aging Adults and Care Providers to Successfully Navigate a New Era of Transportation Need, $75,000, Transportation, Newport News

Chorda Pharma Inc. | Dr. Victor Iannello
Commercialization of Non-Opioid Topical Analgesic, $75,000, Life and Health Sciences, Roanoke

Conscio VR LLC † | Ms. Dale DeJarnette
Development of Virtual Reality Interactive Elements to Enhance Effectiveness of The Retreat, a VR Companion for Substance Use Disorder Therapy, $75,000, Life and Health Sciences, Chester

CorIT Medical, LLC | Mr. Christian Haller
Medical Device to Treat Obstructed Breathing, $75,000, Life and Health Sciences, Arlington

Corvus Labs, LLC | Mr. Steven Mobley
Operation Nimbus, $75,000, Cybersecurity and Cyber-Physical Systems, Blacksburg

CytoRecovery, Inc. * | Dr. Alexandra Hyler
Cyto R1 Platform for Cell Enrichment, Sorting, and Recovery, $75,000, Life and Health Sciences, Blacksburg

Dialysensors Inc. | Dr. John Robertson
Rametrix® PortaScanner V1.0 ™: Point of Care (POC) Management and Reduction of Potential Controlled Substance (CS) Diversion in Hospital Settings, $75,000, Life and Health Sciences, Blacksburg

Ecountabl Inc. | Mr. Andy Burr
Democratizing Investor ESG Data for Consumers, $75,000, IT, Alexandria

FisherH2O, LLC † | Ms. Jane Pratt
Transformative Technology for Water Purification, $75,000, Environment, Richmond

Frontline Gig, Inc | Dr. Kala Fleming
Frontline Gig – A Saas-Enabled Staffing Platform for Green Jobs, $75,000, Environment, Norfolk

Guardian Score, LLC | Mr. Brendan Hooke
Guardian Score Platform Improvements, $30,000, IT, Ashburn

IvySys Technologies, LLC | Dr. James DeBardelaben
The DataFaucet Synthetic Data Generator for Adversarial Activity Detection, $74,505, IT, Arlington

Jederzeit Bereit LLC | Mr. Ted Schroeder
Orion Littoral Maneuver Vehicles, $74,990, Transportation, Springfield

KeViRx, Inc. | Dr. John Lazo
Inhibition of SARS-COV-2-Medicated Acute Lung Injury by KVX-053, $75,000, Life and Health Sciences, Charlottesville

LevelFields Inc. * | Mr. Andrew Einhorn
AI-driven Autonomous Databases via Event Classification, $74,998, IT, Vienna

Mayfair Group LLC dba ClaimEdge *† | Mr. James Chapman
Panel Counsel Management App, $75,000, IT, Norfolk

MetiStream, Incorporated * | Mr. Salvatore Fondaco
NSQIP Solution, $75,000, IT, Vienna

Nextqore Inc. | Mr. Suresh Rangachar
Digitization of Telecom Tower Operations to Provide Precise Insights for Greater Process
Efficiency and Faster Decision Making, $71,734, IT, McLean

Project Mongoose, LLC | Ms. Jennifer Finn
Project Mongoose Pilots, $75,000, IT, Richmond

Sune LLC dba bloomRail | Mr. Will Hunt
bloomRail Inventory Forecaster Systems Integration Project, $75,000, IT, Richmond

The Enabled Manufacturing LLC dba Enabled Engineering † | Dr. Kumar Kandasamy
Development of a Versatile Solid-State Fabrication Technology for Advanced Materials, $75,000, Advanced Manufacturing, Blacksburg

* Denotes additional funding received through VIPC’s Virginia Venture Partners (VVP) and † indicates additional funding also received through VIPC’s Federal Funding Assistance Program (FFAP)

CCF accepts applications and awards funding on a rolling basis to Virginia’s small business and academic community. Industry areas of focus include advanced manufacturing, aerospace, agriculture, autonomous systems, communications, cybersecurity and cyber-physical systems, energy, environment, IT (including data science and analytics), life and health sciences, modeling and simulation, nuclear physics, and transportation. For more information on the current funding opportunities and to apply, visit:

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